The SAGE Handbook of International Marketing

Editor/Author Kotabe, Masaaki and Helsen, Kristiaan
Publication Year: 2009
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-1-4129-3428-2
Category: Business, Finance & Economics - Marketing
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Table of Contents

The SAGE Handbook of International Marketing brings together the fundamental questions and themes that have surfaced in international marketing and promises to be an essential addition to the study of this critical subject area.

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Table of Contents

  • About the Contributors
  • Preface
  • 1 Theoretical Paradigms, Issues, and Debates - Masaaki Kotabe, Kristiaan Helsen
  • Changing Market Environments
  • 2 The Ancient Road: An Overview of Globalization - Terry Clark, Monica Hodis, Paul D'Angelo
  • 3 The Changing Global Political and Institutional Environment - Jonathan Doh, Terrence Guay
  • 4 Marketing and the Global Legal Environment - Subhash Jain, Robert Bird
  • Consumer Behavior Research
  • 5 Consumer Cognition Across Cultures - Bernd H. Schmitt, Nader T. Tavassoli
  • 6 Nation Equity: Country-of-Origin Effects and Globalization - Durairaj Maheswaran, Cathy Yi Chen
  • 7 Researching International Markets: Philosophical and Methodological Issues - V. Kumar
  • Changing Market Environments
  • 8 Research into Exporting: Theoretical, Methodological, and Empirical Insights - Constantine S. Katsikeas, Leonidas C. Leonidou, Saeed Samiee
  • 9 International Franchising and Licensing - Lance Eliot Brouthers, Jason Patrick McNicol
  • 10 Joint Ventures and Alliances - Miguel Rivera-Santos, Andrew C. Inkpen
  • 11 Establishment Mode Choice: Acquisition versus. Greenfield Entry - Desislava Dikova, Keith D. Brouthers
  • 12 Exit Strategies - Masaaki Kotabe, Sonia Ketkar
  • Global Strategy
  • 13 Global Competitive Marketing Strategy - Michael Grund, Oliver Heil, Mark Elsner
  • 14 Global Sourcing Strategy - Masaaki Kotabe, Michael J. Mol, Janet Y. Murray
  • 15 Uniformity versus Conformity: The Standardization Issue in International Marketing Strategy - Saeed Samiee, Constantine S. Katsikeas, Marios Theodosiou
  • Developing Marketing Strategy
  • 16 International Diffusion of New Products - Trichy V. Krishnan, Suman Ann Thomas
  • 17 Global Branding - John Roberts, Julien Cayla
  • 18 Pricing in the Global Marketplace - Kristiaan Helsen
  • 19 Global Communications - Gary J. Bamossy, Johny K. Johansson
  • 20 Global Channels of Distribution - Daniel C. Bello, Forrest Briggs
  • 21 Global Trends in Grocery Retailing - Katrijn Gielens, Marnik G. Dekimpe
  • 22 International Salesforce Management - Thomas Brashear Alejandro
  • Emerging Issues in Global Marketing
  • 23 The Internet and International Marketing - Venkatesh Shankar, Jeffrey Meyer
  • 24 Organizational Heritage, Institutional Changes and Strategic Responses of Firms from Emerging Economics - Preet S. Aulakh, Raveendra Chittoor
  • 25 Small Multinational Enterprises under Globalization - Gary Knight
  • 26 Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility for Marketing in the Global Marketplace - Georges Enderle, Patrick E. Murphy
  • Appendix 1: American Marketing Association Ethical Norms and Values for Marketers