The SAGE Handbook of GIS and Society

Editors: Nyerges, Timothy, Couclelis, Helen and McMaster, Robert
Publication Year: 2011
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-1-4129-4645-2
Category: Geography
Image Count: 85
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

The SAGE Handbook of GIS and Society is a retrospective and prospective overview of GIS and Society research that provides an expansive and critical assessment of work in that field.

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Table of Contents

  • List of Contributors
  • Part I Introduction
  • 1 Geographic Information Systems and Society: A Twenty Year Research Perspective - Timothy L. Nyerges, Robert McMaster and Helen Couclelis
  • Part II GIS and Society Research
  • Section 1 Foundations of GIS and Society Research
  • 2 Concepts, Principles, Tools, and Challenges in Spatially Integrated Social Science - Donald G. Janelle, Michael F. Goodchild
  • 3 Geographic Ontologies and Society - Marinos Kavouras and Margarita Kokla
  • 4 The Social Potential of GIS - Stacy Warren
  • 5 Critical GIS - Sarah Elwood, Nadine Schuurman and Matthew W. Wilson
  • Section 2 GIS and Modern Life
  • 6 Connecting Geospatial Information to Society Through Cyberinfrastructure - Marc P. Armstrong, Timothy L. Nyerges, Shaowen Wang and Dawn Wright
  • 7 Environmental Sustainability: The Role of Geographic Information Science and Spatial Data Infrastructures in the Integration of People and Nature - Clodoveu A. Davis, Jr., Frederico T. Fonseca and Gilberto Camara
  • 8 GIS and Population Health: An Overview - Nadine Schuurman and Nathaniel Bell
  • 9 Cogito Ergo Mobilis Sum: The Impact of Location-based Services on Our Mobile Lives - Martin Raubal
  • Section 3 Alternative Representations in GIS and Society Research
  • 10 Human-Scaled Visualizations and Society - Dimitris Ballas and Danny Dorling
  • 11 Indigenous Peoples' Issues and Indigenous Uses of GIS - Melinda Laituri
  • 12 Spatial Modeling of Social Networks - Carter T. Butts and Ryan M. Acton
  • 13 GIS Designs for Studying Human Activities in a Space-Time Context - Hongbo Yu and Shih-Lung Shaw
  • Section 4 GIS in Organisations and Institutions
  • 14 Emerging Frameworks in the Information Age: The Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Phenomenon - Ian Masser
  • 15 Spatial Data Infrastructure for Cadastres: Foundations and Challenges - Francis Harvey
  • 16 A GIS-based Computer-supported Collaborative Work Flow System in Urban Planning - Anthony G.O. Yeh and Kenneth S.S. Tang
  • 17 GIS and Emergency Management - Christopher T. Emrich, Susan L. Cutter and Paul J. Weschler
  • Section 5 GIS in Public Participation and Community Development
  • 18 Designing Public Participation Geographic Information Systems - Piotr Jankowski
  • 19 Online Public Participation GIS for Spatial Planning - Richard Kingston
  • 20 Participatory Approaches in GIS and Society Research: Foundations, Practices, and Future Directions - Sarah Elwood
  • 21 PPGIS Implementation and the Transformation of US Planning Practice - Laxmi Ramasubramanian
  • 22 Politics and Power in Participation and GIS Use for Community Decision Making - Rina Ghose
  • Section 6 Value, Fairness and Privacy in a GIS Context
  • 23 Geographic Information Value Assessment - Roger Longhorn
  • 24 Geovisualization of Spatial Equity - Emily Talen
  • 25 Natural Resource Conflicts, Their Management, and GIS Applications - Peter A. Kwaku Kyem
  • 26 Legal and Ethical Issues of Using Geospatial Technologies in Society - Daniel Z. Sui
  • Part III Conclusion
  • 27 GIS and Society Research: Reflections and Emerging Themes - Helen Couclelis, Timothy L. Nyerges and Robert McMaster