The SAGE Handbook of Gender and Education

Editor/Author Skelton, Christine, Francis, Becky and Smulyan, Lisa
Publication Year: 2007
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-1-4129-0792-7
Category: Social Sciences - Education
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Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

The SAGE Handbook of Gender and Education brings together leading scholars on gender and education to provide an up-to-date and broad-ranging guide to the field. It is a comprehensive overview of different theoretical positions on equity issues in schools.

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Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • Review Panel
  • List of Contributors
  • Introduction - Christine Skelton, Becky Francis and Lisa Smulyan
  • Section 1 Gender Theory and Methodology
  • The Nature of Gender - Becky Francis
  • Understanding Men: Gender Sociology and the New International Research on Masculinities - R. W. Connell
  • Femininities: Reclassifying Upward Mobility and the Neo-Liberal Subject - Valerie Walkerdine and Jessica Ringrose
  • Gender, Theory and Social Thought: Iluminating Moments and Critical Impasses - Jo-Anne Dillabough
  • Gender and Methodology - Catherine Marshall and Michelle D. Young
  • Out of the Ruins: Feminist Pedagogy in Recovery - Gaby Weiner
  • Gender, Education and Development - Elaine Unterhalter
  • Gender and Movement in Social Policy - Meg Maguire
  • Section 2 Gender and the Educational Sectors
  • Constructing Gender in Early-Years Education - Glenda MacNaughton
  • Boys and Girls in the Elementary School - Christine Skelton
  • Masculinities and Femininities and Secondary Schooling - Kevin G. Davison and Blye W. Frank
  • Gender Equity in Post-Secondary Education - Carole Leathwood
  • Gender and Higher Education - Sara Delamont
  • Single-Sex Schooling - Diana Leonard
  • Section 3 Gender and School Subjects
  • Nature, Neglect and Nuance: Changing Accounts of Sex, Gender and Mathematics - Jo Boaler and Tesha Sengupta-Irving
  • Engaging Girls in Science - Angela Calabrese Barton, Nancy Brickhouse
  • Gender and Literacy - Bronwyn Davies and Sue Saltmarsh
  • ‘Sex’ Education: Subjugated Discourses and Adolescents' Voices - Bagele Chilisa
  • Gender Issues in Testing and Assessment - Jannette Elwood
  • Gender and Citizenship - Tuula Gordon
  • Gender and Modern Language Education - Linda M. von Hoene
  • Gender and Technology: What the Research Tells Us - Jo Sanders
  • Section 4 Gender, Identity and Educational Sites
  • Room at the Table: Racial and Gendered Realities in the Schooling of Black Children - Janie Victoria Ward and Tracy L. Robinson-Wood
  • Compounding Inequalities: Gender and Class in Education - Diane Reay
  • The ‘Right’ Way to Educate Boys: Interrogating the Politics of Boys' Education in Australia - Wayne Martino
  • Constructing Femininity/Constructing Femininities - Carrie Paechter
  • Appropriate Behavior? Sexualities, Schooling and Hetero-Gender - David James Mellor and Debbie Epstein
  • Achieving Equity: Disability and Gender - Michael L. Wehmeyer and Harilyn Rousso
  • Gender Voices in the Classroom - Madeleine Arnot
  • Section 5 Working in Schools and Colleges
  • School Culture and Gender - Fengshu Liu
  • Gendered Classroom Experiences - Emma Renold
  • Women in Teaching: Participation, Power and Possibility - Jane Gaskell and Ann L. Mullen
  • Constructing Teaching Identities - Lisa Smulyan
  • Women Working in Academe: Approach with Care - Sandra Acker and Michelle Webber
  • Gender and Educational Management - Charol Shakeshaft