The SAGE Handbook of Film Studies

Editor/Author Donald, James and Renov, Michael
Publication Year: 2008
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-0-7619-4326-6
Category: Arts & Leisure - Film & Television
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Table of Contents

The SAGE Handbook of Film Studies maps the international traditions of the field, drawing out regional differences in the way that intellectual reflection on cinema and film has been transformed into a field of systematic inquiry.

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Table of Contents

  • International Editorial Board
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Introduction: Hooray for a Mickey Mouse Subject! - James Donald
  • Mapping Traditions
  • North America - Dana Polan
  • European Film Scholarship - Ian Aitken
  • China: Cinema, Politics and Scholarship - Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, Paola Voci
  • Our Films, Their Films: Some Speculations on Writing Indian Film History - Brian Shoesmith
  • Film Research in Argentina - David Oubiña
  • Cinema Studies in Brazil - Ismail Xavier
  • Y Tu Crítica También: The Development of Mexican Film Studies at Home and Abroad - Carlos A. Gutiérrez
  • Australia - Noel King, Constantine Verevis, Deane Williams
  • Postcolonial and Transnational Perspectives - Bhaskar Sarkar
  • Disciplinary Dialogues
  • Film and Philosophy - Murray Smith
  • Difficult Relations: Film Studies and Continental European Philosophy - Hamish Ford
  • Cinema and Art History: Film has two Eyes - Angela Dalle Vacche
  • Film and History - Vanessa R. Schwartz
  • Mass Media, Anthropology and Ethnography - Faye Ginsburg
  • Psychoanalysis and Cinema - Patrick Fuery
  • The Political Economy of Film - Tom O'Regan
  • TV's Next Season? - Lynn Spigel
  • Film and Cultural Studies - Graeme Turner
  • Paradigms in Perspective
  • The Hollywood Industry Paradigm - Ruth Vasey
  • Formalist Tendencies in Film Studies - Warren Buckland
  • The Persistence of the Avant-Garde - Michael O'Pray
  • Film and (as) Modernity - Julian Murphet
  • Cinema/Ideology/Society: The Political Expectations of Film Theory - Jane Gaines
  • ‘We Do Not Die Twice’: Realism and Cinema - George Kouvaros
  • Feminist Perspectives in Film Studies - Alison Butler
  • Authors and Auteurs: The Uses of Theory - John Caughie
  • Where Sound is: Locating the Absent Aural in Film Theory - Philip Brophy
  • The Question of Genre in Cult Film and Fandom: Between Contract and Discourse - Matt Hills
  • Film Audiences - Jostein Gripsrud, Erlend Lavik
  • Re-Mapping Bollywood Cinema: A Postcolonial Case-Study - Vijay Mishra
  • Film in the Context of Digital Media - Scott McQuire