The SAGE Handbook of Environmental Change

Editor/Author Matthews, John A.
Publication Year: 2012
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-0-85702-360-5
Category: Science - Environmental sciences
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Table of Contents

The SAGE Handbook of Environmental Change is an extensive survey of the interdisciplinary science of environmental change that examines the historic importance and future development of the field over two volumes.

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Table of Contents

  • Notes on Contributors
  • Volume 1 Approaches, Evidence and Causes
  • 1. Background to the Science of Environmental Change - John A. Matthews Patrick J. Bartlein, Keith R. Briffa, Alastair G. Dawson, Anne De Vernal, Tim Denham, Sherilyn C. Fritz and Frank Oldfield
  • Section I Approaches to Understanding Environmental Change
  • 2. Philosophical and Methodological Perspectives on the Science of Environmental Change - Stephan Harrison
  • 3. Direct Observation and Monitoring of Climate and Related Environmental Change - Keith Alverson
  • 4. Reconstructing and Inferring Past Environmental Change - Frank M. Chambers
  • 5. Dating Environmental Change and Constructing Chronologies - Mike Walker
  • 6. Modelling Environmental Change and Developing Future Projections - Reto Knutti
  • 7. Approaches to Understanding Long-term Human-Environment Interactions: Past, Present and Future - John A. Dearing
  • Section II Evidence of Environmental Change and the Geo-Ecological Response
  • 8. Environmental Change in the Geological Record - Jane Francis, Alan Haywood, Daniel Hill, Paul Markwick and Claire McDonald
  • 9. Evidence of Environmental Change from the Marine Realm - Ian D. Goodwin and William R. Howard
  • 10. Evidence of Environmental Change from the Cryosphere - Shawn Marshall
  • 11. Evidence of Environmental Change from Terrestrial Palaeohydrology - Wim Z. Hoek
  • 12. Evidence of Environmental Change from Terrestrial and Freshwater Palaeoecology - Alison J. Smith
  • 13. Evidence of Environmental Change from Aeolian and Hillslope Sediments and Other Terrestrial Sources - Joseph A. Mason
  • 14. Environmental Change and Archaeological Evidence - Tim Denham
  • 15. Evidence of Environmental Change from Annually Resolved Proxies with Particular Reference to Dendrochronology and the Last Millennium - Eugene R. Wahl and David Frank
  • 16. Early-Instrumental and Documentary Evidence of Environmental Change - Cary J. Mock
  • Section III Causes, Mechanisms and Dynamics of Environmental Change
  • 17. Plate Tectonics, Continental Drift, Vulcanism and Mountain Building - Paul Bishop
  • 18. Extraterrestrial Causes of Environmental Catastrophes - Elisabetta Pierazzo and H. Jay Melosh
  • 19. Astronomical Theory and Orbital Forcing - André Berger and Qiuzhen Yin
  • 20. Millennial-Scale Climatic Events during the Last Glacial Episode - Siwan M. Davies and Anders Svensson
  • 21. Solar and Volcanic Forcing of Decadal- to Millennial-scale Climatic Variations - Raimund Muscheler and Erich Fischer
  • 22. Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions on Interannual to Decadal Time Scales - Mathias Vuille and René D. Garreaud
  • 23. Responses of Biogeochemical Cycles in the Sea to Environmental Change - Thomas F. Pedersen and Rainer Zahn
  • 24. Anthropogenic Drivers of Environmental Change - Jemma L. Gornall, Andrew J. Wiltshire and Richard A. Betts
  • Volume 2 Human Impacts and Responses
  • Section IV Human-Induced Environmental Changes and Their Impacts on Geo-Ecosystems
  • 25 Monitoring Global Land Cover - Sietse O. Los and Jamie Williams
  • 26 Human Impacts on Terrestrial Biota and Ecosystems - Craig Miller and Iain Gordon
  • 27 Human Impacts on Lacustrine Ecosystems
  • 28 Human Impacts on Coastal and Marine Geo-Ecosystems - Richard W. Battarbee, Helen Bennion, Peter Gell and Neil Rose Ben Daley
  • 29 Human Impacts on the Atmosphere - Kevin J. Noone
  • Section V Patterns, Processes and Impacts of Environmental Change at the Regional Scale
  • 30 Environmental Change in the Humid Tropics and Monsoonal Regions - Mark B. Bush and William D. Gosling
  • 31 Environmental Change in the Arid and Semi-Arid Regions - Xiaoping Yang
  • 32 Environmental Change in the Mediterranean Region - Miryam Bar-Matthews
  • 33 Environmental Change in the Temperate Forested Regions - Matt McGlone, Jamie Wood and Patrick J. Bartlein
  • 34 Environmental Change in the Temperate Grasslands and Steppe - Pavel E. Tarasov, John W. Williams, Jed O. Kaplan, Hermann sterle, Tatiana V. Kuznetsova and Mayke Wagner
  • 35 Environmental Change in the Arctic and Antarctic - Marianne S. V. Douglas
  • 36 Environmental Change in Mountain Regions - Martin Beniston
  • 37 Environmental Change in Coastal Areas and Islands - Patrick Nunn
  • Section VI Past, Present and Future Responses of People to Environmental Change
  • 38 Testing the Role of Climate Change in Human Evolution - Simon P. E. Blockley, Ian Candy and Stella M. Blockley
  • 39 The Origins and Spread of Early Agriculture and Domestication: Environmental and Cultural Considerations - Deborah M. Pearsall and Peter W. Stahl
  • 40 Complexity, Causality and Collapse: Social Discontinuity in History and Prehistory - Georgina Endfield
  • 41 Vulnerabilities and the Resilience of Contemporary Societies to Environmental Change - Donald R. Nelson
  • 42 Disease, Human and Animal Health and Environmental Change - Matthew Baylis and Andrew P. Morse
  • 43 Policy and Management Options for the Mitigation of Environmental Change - Katie Moon and Chris Cocklin
  • 44 Socioeconomic Adaptation to Environmental Change: Towards Sustainable Development - Chris J. Barrow