The SAGE Handbook of Educational Action Research

Editor/Author Noffke, Susan E. and Somekh, Bridget
Publication Year: 2009
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-1-4129-4708-4
Category: Social Sciences - Education
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Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

This handbook presents and critiques predominant and emergent traditions of Educational Action Research internationally.

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Table of Contents

  • Contributors
  • Acknowledgement
  • Introduction
  • 1 Revisiting the Professional, Personal, and Political Dimensions of Action Research Susan E. Noffke
  • Part I Action Research Methodology: Diversity of Rationales and Practices
  • Introduction to Part I
  • 2 Building Educational Theory Through Action Research John Elliott
  • 3 Teacher Research as Stance Marilyn Cochran-Smith Susan L. Lytle
  • 4 Dialogic Inquiry as Collaborative Action Research Gordon Wells
  • 5 Action Research and the Personal Turn Sandra Hollingsworth Anthony Cody Mary Dybdahl Leslie Turner Minarik Jennifer Davis-Smallwood Karen Manheim Teel
  • 6 Educational Action Research: A Critical Approach Wilfred Carr Stephen Kemmis
  • 7 Action Research for/as/mindful of Social Justice Morwenna Griffiths
  • Part II Professional: Knowledge Production, Staff Development, and the Status of Educators
  • Introduction to Part II
  • 8 A School District-Based Action Research Program in the United States Cathy Caro-Bruce Mary Klehr Ken Zeichner Ana Maria Sierra-Piedrahita
  • 9 Using Action Research to Support Students with Special Educational Needs Christine O'Hanlon
  • 10 Renegotiating Knowledge Relationships in Schools Chris Bigum Leonie Rowan
  • 11 Lesson Study as Action Research Catherine Lewis Rebecca Perry Shelley Friedkin
  • 12 Practitioner Action Research and Educational Leadership Gary L. Anderson Kathryn Herr
  • 13 Educational Action Research as a Paradigm for Change Shoshana Keiny Lily Orland-Barak
  • 14 Practitioner Action Research: Building and Sustaining Success Through Networked Learning Communities Christopher Day Andrew Townsend
  • 15 Action Research and Educational Change: Teachers as Innovators Lesley Saunders Bridget Somekh
  • 16 A School System Takes on Exhibitions Through Teacher Action Research Marie Brennan
  • 17 Action Research, Professional Development and Systemic Reform Herbert Altrichter Peter Posch
  • 18 Sustaining the Next Generation of Teacher-Researchers to Work for Social Justice Barbara Comber Barbara Kamler
  • 19 Co-operative Change Management Through Practitioner Inquiry Susan Groundwater-Smith
  • Part III Personal: Self-Awareness, Development and Identity
  • Introduction to Part III
  • 20 Ethics and the ‘Personal’ in Action Research Jane Zeni
  • 21 Writing to Learn: A Process for the Curious Mary Louise Holly
  • 22 From Passionate Enquiry to Loving Detachment: One Researcher's Methodological Journey Marion Dadds
  • 23 The Interconnections between Narrative Inquiry and Action Research Debbie Pushor D. Jean Clandinin
  • 24 Capabilities, Flourishing and the Normative Purposes of Action Research Melanie Walker
  • 25 Demonstrating Quality in Educational Research for Social Accountability Jean McNiff Jack Whitehead
  • 26 Action Research and Pedagogy as Science of the Child's Upbringing Petra Ponte Jan Ax
  • 27 Developing Relationships, Developing the Self: Buddhism and Action Research Richard Winter
  • 28 Teaching and Cultural Difference: Exploring the Potential for a Psychoanalytically Informed Action Research Terrance Carson
  • 29 Complexity Theory and Action Research Dennis Sumara Brent Davis
  • 30 Agency Through Action Research: Constructing Active Identities from Theoretical Models and Metaphors Bridget Somekh
  • 31 Existentialism and Action Research Allan Feldman
  • Part IV Political: Popular Knowledge, Difference, and Frameworks for Change
  • Introduction to Part IV
  • 32 Elbows Out, Arms Linked: Claiming Spaces for Feminisms and Gender Equity in Educational Action Research Patricia Maguire Britt-Marie Berge
  • 33 Students' Participation in School Change: Action Research on the Ground Pat Thomson Helen Gunter
  • 34 Community Action and Agency in the Education of Urban Youth Peter C. Murrell Jr.
  • 35 Social-Political Theory in Working with Teachers for Social Justice Schooling Marie Brennan Susan E. Noffke
  • 36 Rethinking Action Research: Commonsense and Relations of Freedom Andrew Gitlin
  • 37 Participatory Action Research in Latin American Education: A Road Map to a Different Part of the World Eduardo Flores-Kastanis Juny Montoya-Vargas Daniel H. Suárez
  • 38 Teacher Development and Political Transformation: Reflections from the South African Experience Maureen Robinson Crain Soudien
  • 39 The Impact of Action Research in the Spanish Schools in the Post-Franco Era Àngel I. Pérez Gómez Miguel Sola Fernández Encarnación Soto Gómez José Francisco Murillo Mas
  • 40 Popular Education and Action Research Mary Brydon-Miller, Ismail Davids, Namrata Jaitli, M. Brinton Lykes, Jean Schensul, and Susan Williams
  • 41 Partnership Action Research for Social Justice: Politics, Challenges and Possibilities Lew Zipin Robert Hattam
  • Conclusions