The SAGE Handbook of Corporate Governance

Editor/Author Clarke, Thomas and Branson, Douglas
Publication Year: 2012
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-1-4129-2980-6
Category: Business, Finance & Economics - Management
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Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

The SAGE Handbook of Corporate Governance critically overviews the key themes, theoretical controversies, current research and emerging concepts that frame the field.

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Table of Contents

  • About the Authors
  • Preface - Sir Adrian Cadbury
  • Introduction: Corporate Governance - An Emerging Discipline? - Thomas Clarke and Douglas Branson
  • Origins and Development
  • 1 The Evolution of Corporate Governance - R.I. (Bob) Tricker
  • 2 In the Best Interest of the Corporation: Directors' Duties in the Wake of the Global Financial Crisis - Margaret M. Blair
  • 3 Limited Liability Companies - Mark J. Loewenstein
  • 4 Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives - Joan MacLeod Heminway
  • Markets and Regulation
  • 5 The Juridical Nature of the Firm - Simon Deakin
  • 6 The Ascent of Shareholder Monitoring and Strategic Partnering: The Dual Functions of the Corporate Board - Michael Useem
  • 7 An Economic Analysis of Fair Value: A Critique of International Financial Reporting Standards - Vincent Bignon, Yuri Biondi and Xavier Ragot
  • Boards and Directors: Leadership and Accountability
  • 8 Boards and Board Effectiveness - Hans van Ees and Gerwin van der Laan
  • 9 Between the Letter and the Spirit: Defensive and Extensive Modes of Compliance with the UK Code of Corporate Governance - John Roberts
  • 10 Boards' Contribution to Strategy and Innovation - Alessandro Zattoni and Amedeo Pugliese
  • 11 Board Leadership and Value Creation: An Extended Team Production Approach - Morten Huse and Jonas Gabrielsson
  • Boards and Directors: New Challenges and Directions
  • 12 Changing Scenes in and Around the Boardroom: UK Corporate Governance in Practice from 1989 to 2010 - Annie Pye, Szymon Kaczmarek and Satomi Kimino
  • 13 Board Evaluations: Contemporary Thinking and Practice - Gavin Nicholson, Geoffrey Kiel and Jennifer Ann Tunny
  • 14 Women and the Governance of Corporate Boards - Ruth Sealy and Susan Vinnicombe
  • 15 Diversity among Senior Executives and Board Directors - Sabina Nielsen
  • Competing Governance Regimes
  • 16 Global Convergence in Corporate Governance? What a Difference 10 Years Make - Douglas M. Branson
  • 17 A Bundle Perspective to Comparative Corporate Governance - Ruth V. Aguilera, Kurt A. Desender and Luiz Ricardo Kabbach de Castro
  • 18 Family-Owned Asian Business Groups and Corporate Governance - Marie dela Rama
  • 19 The Limitations of Corporate Governance Best Practices - Shann Turnbull
  • Dilemmas of Corporate Governance
  • 20 Executive Compensation, Pay-for-Performance and the Institutions of Executive Pay Setting - Martin J. Conyon and Simon I. Peck
  • 21 In the Name of Shareholder Value: How Executive Pay and Stock Buybacks are Damaging the US Economy - William Lazonick
  • 22 Governance, Innovation and Finance - Ciaran Driver
  • 23 The Governance and Regulation of Complex Conglomerates - John H. Farrar
  • Emerging Issues: Governance and Sustainability
  • 24 Markets, Regulation and Governance: The Causes of the Global Financial Crisis - Thomas Clarke
  • 25 Corporate Governance and the Global Financial Crisis: The Regulatory Response - Alice Klettner
  • 26 International Corporate Responsibility - Paul Redmond
  • 27 Governance for Sustainability: Challenges for Theory and Practice - Suzanne Benn