The SAGE Handbook of Complexity and Management

Editor/Author Allen, Peter, Maguire, Steve and McKelvey, Bill
Publication Year: 2011
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-1-84787-569-3
Category: Business, Finance & Economics - Management
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Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

The SAGE Handbook of Complexity and Management will be the first substantive scholarly work to provide a map of the state of art research in the growing field emerging at the intersection of complexity science and management studies.

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Table of Contents

  • List of Contributors
  • Introduction - Steve Maguire, Peter Allen and Bill McKelvey
  • Foundations
  • A. Key Concepts
  • Complexity and Systems Thinking - Yasmin Merali and Peter Allen
  • Complexity Science and Organization - Raymond-Alain Thietart and Bérnard Forgues
  • Emergence in Complex Systems - Jeffrey Goldstein
  • Constructing and Appreciating Complexity - Steve Maguire
  • Thoughts on Complexity and Computational Models - Michael J. Prietula
  • B. Epistemological Perspectives and Considerations
  • A Scientific Realist Epistemology for Complexity Science - Bill McKelvey
  • Exploring Organizational Effectiveness: The Value of Complex Realism as a Frame of Reference and Systematic Comparison as a Method - David Byrne
  • Complexity, Poststructuralism and Organization - Paul Cilliers
  • Causality and Explanation - Alicia Juarrero
  • Complexity and Limits to Knowledge: The Importance of Uncertainty - Peter Allen and Jean Boulton
  • Complex Thinking: Towards an Oblique Strategy for Dealing with the Complex - Robert Chia
  • C. Methodological Implications and Tools
  • Applications of Kauffman's Coevolutionary NKCS Model to Management and Organization Studies - Richard Vidgen and Larry Bull
  • Using Genetic Algorithms to Model Strategic Interactions - William Martin Tracy
  • Organizing at the Edge of Chaos: Insights from Action Research - Donald MacLean and Robert MacIntosh
  • From Skew Distributions to Power-law Science - Pierpaolo Andriani and Bill McKelvey
  • Applications
  • A. Complexity and Organizing
  • Complexity and Organization-Environment Relations: Revisiting Ashby's Law of Requisite Variety - Max Boisot and Bill McKelvey
  • The Complexity of Industrial Ecosystems: Classification and Computational Modelling - James S. Baldwin
  • Complexity and the Dynamics of Organizational Change - Glenda H. Eoyang
  • Complex Thought, Simple Talk: An Ecological Approach to Language-Based Change in Organizations - John Shotter and Haridimos Tsoukas
  • Organisational Learning and Complexity Science: Exploring the Joint Potential - Eve Mitleton-Kelly and Ben Ramalingam
  • Complexity and Management: A Pluralistic View - Kurt A. Richardson
  • B. Complexity and Managing
  • Implications of Complexity Science for the Study of Leadership - Russ Marion and Mary Uhl-Bien
  • A Complexity Perspective on Strategic Human Resource Management - Barry A. Colbert and Elizabeth C. Kurucz
  • Complexity and the Rise of Distributed Control in Operations Management - Arash Azadegan and Kevin J. Dooley
  • Knowledge Management and Complexity - Max Boisot
  • Complexity and Innovation - Pierpaolo Andriani
  • Complexity Science Contributions to the Field of Entrepreneurship - Benyamin B. Lichtenstein
  • Complexity and Competitive Advantage - Oliver Baumann and Nicolaj Siggelkow
  • Complexity Theory and Corporate Strategy - Kathleen M. Eisenhardt and Henning Piezunka
  • More than a Metaphor: Complexity and the New Rules of Management - James K. Hazy
  • Interfaces
  • Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Applications to Psychology and Management - Stephen J. Guastello
  • The Value in Between: Organizations as Adapting and Evolving Networks - César A. Hidalgo
  • The Use of Complexity for Policy Exploration - Steven Bankes
  • Complexity, Habits and Evolution - Geoffrey M. Hodgson
  • Economics, Management and Complex Systems - Paul Ormerod
  • How Complexity Science is Transforming Healthcare - Brenda Zimmerman