The SAGE Handbook of Aging, Work and Society

Editor/Author Field, John, Burke, Ronald J. and Cooper, Cary L.
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-1-4462-0782-6
Category: Social Sciences - Sociology
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Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

Framed by an authoritative introductory chapter, the SAGE Handbook of Aging, Work and Society offers a critical overview of the most significant themes and topics, with discussions of current research, theoretical controversies and emerging issues.

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Table of Contents

  • About the Editors
  • Notes on Contributors
  • 1 The Aging Workforce: Individual, Organizational and Societal Opportunities and Challenges - Ronald J. Burke, Cary Cooper and John Field
  • Part 1 Key Issues and Challenges
  • 2 World Population in Historical Perspective - Tommy Bengtsson and Kirk Scott
  • 3 Research on Age Diversity in the Workforce: Current Trends and Future Research Directions - Florian Kunze and Stephan A. Boehm
  • 4 Prolonging Working Life in an Aging World: A Cross-National Perspective on Labor Market and Welfare Policies Toward Active Aging - Anne-Marie Guillemard
  • 5 Migration and Workforce Aging - John Field
  • Part 2 The Aging Workforce
  • 6 Work Performance and the Older Worker - Margaret E. Beier and Ruth Kanfer
  • 7 Age and Work Motives - Cort W. Rudolph, Boris B. Baltes and Keith L. Zabel
  • 8 New Patterns of Late-Career Employment - Kerr Inkson, Margaret Richardson and Carla Houkamau
  • 9 Care Work and New Technologies of Care for Older People Living at Home - Celia Roberts, Maggie Mort and Christine Milligan
  • 10 Aging, Work and the Demographic Dividend in South Asia - Penny Vera-Sanso
  • 11 Age and Generational Differences in Work Psychology: Facts, Fictions, and Meaningful Work - Paul Fairlie
  • Part 3 Managing an Aging Workforce
  • 12 Comparative Age Management: Theoretical Perspectives and Practical Implications - Stephan A. Boehm, Heike S. Schröder and Florian Kunze
  • 13 Demographic Challenges for Human Resource Management: Implications from Management and Psychological Theories - Birgit Verworn, Christiane Hipp and Doreen Weber
  • 14 Age Stereotypes in the Workplace: Multidimensionality, Cross-cultural Applications, and Directions for Future Research - Richard A. Posthuma and Laura Guerrero
  • 15 Older Workers, Occupational Stress and Safety - Gary A. Adams, Sarah DeArmond, Steve M. Jex and Jennica R. Webster
  • 16 Training Older Workers: A Review - Yu-Shan Hsu
  • 17 Older Workers in the Professions: Learning Challenges and Strategies - Tara Fenwick
  • 18 Quality of Work, Wellbeing and Retirement - Johannes Siegrist and Morten Wahrendorf
  • Part 4 Living in an Aging Society
  • 19 Working Caregivers in the ‘Sandwiched Generation’ - Margaret B. Neal, Leslie B. Hammer, Ayala Malach Pines†, Todd E. Bodner and Melissa L. Cannon
  • 20 The Social Connections of Older Europeans - Martin Kohli and Harald Künemund
  • 21 Engaging Elders in Community and Society - Stina Johansson
  • 22 Learning in Later Life - Franz Kolland and Anna Wanka
  • 23 The Role of Social Networking Games in Maintaining Intergenerational Communications for Older Adults - Yunan Chen, Jing Wen and Bo Xie
  • 24 Making a Case for the Existence of Generational Stereotypes: A Literature Review and Exploratory Study - Elissa L. Perry, Apivat Hanvongse and Danut A. Casoinic
  • Part 5 Developing Public Policy
  • 25 Reconstructing Work and Retirement: Labour Market Trends and Policy Issues - Chris Phillipson
  • 26 Policies for Older Adult Learning: The Case of the European Union - Marvin Formosa
  • 27 Optimizing the Long Future of Aging: Beyond Involvement to Engagement - Jacquelyn Boone James, Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes, Jennifer Kane Coplon and Betty Eckhaus Cohen
  • 28 The Measurement of Multiple Dimensions of Subjective Well-Being in Later Life - Bram Vanhoutte
  • 29 Legal Aspects of Age Discrimination - Malcolm Sargeant