International Handbook of Children, Media and Culture

Editor/Author Drotner, Kirsten and Livingstone, Sonia
Publication Year: 2008
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-1-4129-2832-8
Category: Social Sciences - Media & Communications
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Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

This essential volume brings together the work of internationally-renowned researchers, each experts in their field, in order to capture the diversity of children and young people's media cultures around the world.

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Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • International Advisory Board
  • List of Editors
  • List of Contributors
  • Editors' Introduction - Sonia Livingstone and Kirsten Drotner
  • Part 1 Continuities and Change
  • Chapter 1 Culture-Nature and the Construction of Childhood - Alan Prout
  • Chapter 2 The Child in the Picture - Patricia Holland
  • Chapter 3 Managing Monsters: Videogames and the ‘Mediatization’ of the Toy - Dan Fleming
  • Chapter 4 Harlequin Meets the SIMS: A History of Interactive Narrative Media for Children and Youth from Early Flap Books to Contemporary Multimedia - Jacqueline Reid-Walsh
  • Part 2 Problematics
  • Chapter 5 Making Waves: Historical Aspects of Public Debates about Children and Mass Media - Chas Critcher
  • Chapter 6 Children and Media in the Context of the Home and Family - Stewart M. Hoover and Lynn Schofield Clark
  • Chapter 7 Reality and Fantasy in Media: Can Children Tell the Difference and How Do We Know? - Máire Messenger Davies
  • Chapter 8 Children, Youth and the Mobile Phone - Rich Ling and Leslie Haddon
  • Chapter 9 The Mediated Playground: Media in Early Childhood - Dafna Lemish
  • Chapter 10 Dividing Delights: Children, Adults and the Search for Sales - Jane Kenway and Elizabeth Bullen
  • Chapter 11 Youth Films: Transforming Genre, Performing Audiences - Anne Jerslev
  • Chapter 12 Learning Theory, Video Games, and Popular Culture - James Paul Gee
  • Part 3 Cultures and Contexts
  • Chapter 13 Children and Media: A Cultural Studies Approach - David Buckingham
  • Chapter 14 The African Reception of Global Media - Larry Strelitz and Priscilla Boshoff
  • Chapter 15 Let the World in! Globalization in Greenland - Jette Rygaard
  • Chapter 16 Games and Media: The Acquisition of Social Structure and Social Rules - Maria Heller
  • Chapter 17 Children, Media and Regional Modernity in the Asia Pacific - Stephanie Hemelryk Donald
  • Chapter 18 Girls' Issues, Gender and the Media: Feminist Activisms in China - Bu Wei
  • Chapter 19 Contextualizing Media Competencies among Young People in Indian Culture: Interface with Globalization - Usha S. Nayar and Amita Bhide
  • Chapter 20 Youth, Media and Culture in the Arab World - Marwan M. Kraidy and Joe F. Khalil
  • Chapter 21 Constrained Appropriations: Practices of Media Consumption and Imagination Amongst Brazilian Teens - Norbert Wildermuth
  • Chapter 22 Television Culture and Media Socialization across Countries: Theoretical Issues and Methodological Approaches - Letizia Caronia and Andre H. Caron
  • Part 4 Perspectives
  • Chapter 23 Mobilizing the Imagination in Everyday Play: The Case of Japanese Media Mixes - Mizuko Ito
  • Chapter 24 Japanese Young People, Media and Everyday Life: Towards the Internationalizing of Media Studies - Toshie Takahashi
  • Chapter 25 Debates and Challenges Facing New Literacies in the 21st Century - Renee Hobbs
  • Chapter 26 From Parental Control to Peer Pressure: Cultural Transmission and Conformism - Dominique Pasquier
  • Chapter 27 The Commodification of Youth Culture - Janet Wasko
  • Chapter 28 Media and Communications Regulation and Child Protection: An Overview of the Field - David Oswell
  • Chapter 29 Facilitating Political Participation: Young Citizens, Internet and Civic Cultures - Peter Dahlgren and Tobias Olsson
  • Chapter 30 Children's Communication Rights: Beyond Intentions - Cees J. Hamelink