Handbook of Sports Studies

Editor/Author Coakley, Jay and Dunning, Eric
Publication Year: 2000
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-0-8039-7552-1
Category: Arts & Leisure - Sports
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Table of Contents

This vital new Handbook marks the development of sports studies as a major new discipline within the social sciences.

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Table of Contents

  • Contributors
  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface
  • General Introduction
  • Major Perspectives in the Sociology of Sport
  • Editors' Introduction
  • Functionalism, Sport and Society John W. Loy and Douglas Booth
  • Marxist Theories Bero Rigauer
  • Cultural Studies and the Sociology of Sport Jennifer Hargreaves and Ian McDonald
  • Feminist Theories for Sport Susan Birrell
  • Interpretive Approaches to the Sociology of Sport Peter Donnelly
  • Figurational Sociology and its Application to Sport Patrick Murphy and Ken Sheard and Ivan Waddington
  • Posting Up: French Post-Structuralism and the Critical Analysis of Contemporary Sporting Culture David L. Andrews
  • Cross-Disciplinary Differences and Connections
  • Editors' Introduction
  • The Anthropology of Sport Kendall Blanchard
  • Economics and Sport Marc Lavoie
  • Human Geography and the Study of Sport John Bale
  • Social History and Sport Nancy L. Struna
  • The Philosophy of Sport: A Historical and Conceptual Overview and a Conjecture regarding its Future William J. Morgan
  • Politics and Sport Barrie Houlihan
  • Psychology and the Study of Sport Diane L. Gill
  • Key Topics
  • Editors' Introduction
  • The Development of Modern Sports Allen Guttmann
  • Political Economy and Sport George Sage
  • Education and Sport C. Roger Rees and Andrew W. Miracle
  • Sport and the Media Garry Whannel
  • Theorizing Sport, Social Class and Status John Sugden and Alan Tomlinson
  • Gender and Sport Nancy Theberge
  • Sport, Racism and Ethnicity Grant Jarvie
  • Sport and Nationalism Lincoln Allison
  • Sport and Globalization Joseph Maguire
  • Social Control and Sport D. Stanley Eitzen
  • Sport and Violence Kevin Young
  • Sport and Health: A Sociological Perspective Ivan Waddington
  • Sport and Disability Howard L. Nixon II
  • Body Studies in the Sociology of Sport Cheryl L. Cole
  • Doping in Sport as Deviant Behavior and its Social Control Günther Lüschen
  • Sport and Emotions Mary Duquin
  • Management, Organizations and Theory in the Governance of Sport Ian Henry and Eleni Theodoraki
  • Emerging Arriving Sport: Alternatives to Formal Sports Robert E. Rinehart
  • Sport and Society Research around the Globe
  • Editors' Introduction
  • Africa Denver J. Hendricks
  • Australia and New Zealand Chris Collins
  • Eastern Europe Gyöngyi S. Földesi
  • France Jacques DeFrance
  • Germany Klaus Heinemann
  • India Ian McDonald
  • Japan Koichi Kiku
  • Korea (and South East Asia) Burn-Jang Lim
  • Latin America Joseph L. Arbena
  • Nordic Countries Kari Fasting and Mari-Kristin Sisjord
  • Portugal Salomé Marivoet and Claudia Pinheiro
  • Spain Núria Puig