Handbook of Public Affairs

Editor/Author Harris, Phil and Fleisher, Craig S.
Publication Year: 2005
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-0-7619-4393-8
Category: Social Sciences - Political science
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Table of Contents

At the fore-front of research and practice in Public Affairs, this Handbook draws upon the expertise of leading figures in the field to provide a comprehensive overview of a huge growth area in organisational strategic thinking.

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Table of Contents

  • Advisory Board
  • Contributors
  • Foreword - Douglas G. Pinkham
  • Foreword - Lord Tom McNally
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: The Development of a Sub-discipline and Major Area of Research - Phil Harris and Craig S. Fleisher
  • Part I The Environments of Public Affairs
  • 1 The Global Development of Public Affairs - Craig S. Fleisher
  • 2 Public Affairs in North America: US Origins and Development - John M. Holcomb
  • 3 The History and Development of Public Affairs in the European Union and the United Kingdom - Robin Pedler
  • 4 The External Environment of Public Affairs in North America: Public Policy Process and Institutions - William D. Oberman
  • 5 The External Environment of Public Affairs in the European Union and the United Kingdom: Public Policy Process and Institutions - Thomas Spencer
  • 6 The Internal Environment of Public Affairs: Organization, Process, and Systems - Brian Hawkinson
  • 7 The Management of Public Affairs in the United Kingdom - Phil Harris
  • Part II Tools, Techniques, and Organizing for Public Affairs
  • 8 The Tools and Techniques of Public Affairs - Amy Showalter and Craig S. Fleisher
  • 9 The Human Resource Dimensions of Public Affairs: Staffing, Training, Career Paths, Competencies, and Salaries - Patrick Shaw
  • 10 The Measurement and Evaluation of Public Affairs Process and Performance - Craig S. Fleisher
  • 11 Information, Communications Systems, and Technology in Public Affairs - Edward A. Grefe and Scott A. Castleman
  • 12 The Organization and Structuring of Public Affairs - Martin B. Meznar
  • Part III Case Studies in Public Affairs
  • 13 Managing Government Relations in the European Union - Rinus van Schendelen
  • 14 The Rise of the NGOs in the EU - Simon Titley
  • 15 Lobbying in the United Kingdom - Phil Harris and Irene Harris
  • 16 A UK Case: Lobbying for a new BBC Charter - Leighton Andrews
  • 17 Lobbying by US Beer Wholesalers - Conor McGrath
  • 18 Lobbying in the United States: An Overview for Students, Scholars, and Practitioners - Clive S. Thomas
  • 19 Lobbying in the United States: An Industry Matures - Burdett Loomis
  • 20 Stakeholder Relationships in Canada: In Partnership with the Community - James Shaw and Patrick Shaw
  • 21 An Integrated Model: The Evolution of Public Affairs Down Under - Geoff Allen
  • 22 Emerging Markets: Public Affairs in Germany and Austria - Andreas Lederer, Niombo Lomba and Christian Scheucher
  • 23 Political Marketing and Public Affairs - Bruce I. Newman
  • Part IV Scholarship and Theory Building in Public Affairs
  • 24 “Theories” and Theoretical Roots of Public Affairs - Duane Windsor
  • 25 Managing Business Political Advocacy in the United States: Opportunities for Improved Effectiveness - Gerry Keim
  • 26 Public Affairs and the Governance Challenge: Policy Actors and Corporate Reforms, 2001-2004 - John M. Holcomb
  • 27 The Empirical Study of Public Affairs: A Review and Synthesis - Jennifer J. Griffin
  • 28 Issues Management: Core Understandings and Scholarly Development - Pursey P.M.A.R. Heugens
  • 29 Stakeholder Management: Background and Advances - Archie B. Carroll
  • 30 Educating Present and Future Public Affairs Practitioners: Model Programs - Craig S. Fleisher
  • 31 Public Affairs, Corporate Scandals, and Regulation: Policy Actors and Actions - John M. Holcomb
  • Conclusion
  • End Piece