Handbook of Parenting: Theory and Research for Practice

Editor/Author Hoghughi, Masud S. and Long, Nicholas
Publication Year: 2004
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-0-7619-7104-7
Category: Social Sciences - Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
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Table of Contents

The Handbook of Parenting brings together in a single volume much of the theoretical and empirical knowledge and aspects of professional activity within the broadly defined field of parenting.

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Table of Contents

  • Author Biographies
  • Chapter Summaries
  • Preface
  • Part I Key Concepts
  • 1 Parenting-An Introduction - Masud Hoghughi
  • 2 The Social Context of Parenting - David Utting and Gillian Pugh
  • 3 Parenting in Social and Economic Adversity - Christine Puckering
  • 4 Parenting Across the Lifespan - Martin Herbert
  • 5 Parental Influences on Vulnerability and Resilience - Carole A. Kaplan and Julie Owens
  • 6 Parenting in Culturally Divergent Settings - Lee M. Pachter and Thyde Dumont-Mathieu
  • 7 Religious Influences on Parenting - Stephen Frosh
  • 8 Parenting in Reconstituted and Surrogate Families - Jan Pryor
  • 9 Sexual Orientation and Parenting - Charlotte J. Patterson and Erin L Sutfin
  • 10 Grandparenting and Extended Support Networks - Peter K. Smith and Linda M. Drew
  • Part II Functional Areas
  • 11 Parenting and Children's Physical Health - Elizabeth Soliday
  • 12 Parenting Chronically Ill Children-the Scope and Impact of Pediatric Parenting Stress - Randi Streisand and Kenneth P. Tercyak
  • 13 Parenting Influences on Intellectual Development and Educational Achievement - Sally M. Wade
  • 14 Parenting Exceptional Children - Susan McGaw
  • 15 Parenting and Antisocial Behavior - Dana K. Smith, Peter G. Sprengelmeyer and Kevin J. Moore
  • 16 Parenting Antisocial Children and Adolescents - Beth A. Kotchick, Anne Shaffer, Shannon Dorsey and Rex Forehand
  • 17 Parenting and Mental Health - Colleen S. Conley, Melissa S. Caldwell, Megan Flynn, Alison J. Dupre and Karen D. Rudolph
  • 18 Parenting Children with Mental Health Problems - Fiona K. Miller and Jennifer M. Jenkins
  • Part III Parent Support
  • 19 Assessing and Delivering Parent Support - Harriet Heath
  • 20 Community-based Support for Parents - Judy Hutchings and Carolyn Webster-Stratton
  • 21 Towards a Multi-Level Model of Parenting Intervention - Matthew R. Sanders and Alan Ralph
  • 22 e-Parenting - Nicholas Long
  • Epilogue: Towards a Parenting Society - Nicholas Long and Masud Hoghughi