Handbook of Organizational Creativity

Editor/Author Mumford, Michael D.
Publication Year: 2011
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology

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ISBN: 978-0-12-374714-3
Category: Psychology
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Table of Contents

Offers a unique and integrated overview of individual, group and organizational influences, with an outlook toward practical interventions

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Table of Contents

  • About the Authors
  • 1. Creativity in Organizations: Importance and Approaches
  • 2. Organizations and Creativity: Trends in Research, Status of Education and Practice, Agenda for the Future
  • 3. Methods in Creativity Research: Multiple Approaches, Multiple Levels
  • 4. Fields, Domains, and Individuals
  • 5. Creativity in Organizations: Facilitators and Inhibitors
  • 6. Creative Abilities: Divergent Thinking
  • 7. The Expert Performance Approach and Deliberate Practice: Some Potential Implications for Studying Creative Performance in Organizations
  • 8. Problem Solving
  • 9. Idea Generation and Idea Evaluation: Cognitive Skills and Deliberate Practices
  • 10. The Emotive Roots of Creativity: Basic and Applied Issues on Affect and Motivation
  • 11. Personality
  • 12. Fostering Individual Creativity Through Organizational Context: A Review of Recent Research and Recommendations for Organizational Leaders
  • 13. Team Creativity and Innovation: The Effect of Group Composition, Social Processes, and Cognition
  • 14. Collaborative Creativity—Group Creativity and Team Innovation
  • 15. Creativity and Innovation: The Role of Team and Organizational Climate
  • 16. Creativity and the Work Context
  • 17. Project Management of Innovative Teams
  • 18. Leadership of Creativity: Entity-Based, Relational, and Complexity Perspectives
  • 19. Organizational Structure and Innovation Revisited: From Organic To Ambidextrous Structure
  • 20. Planning for Innovation: A Process Oriented Perspective
  • 21. Organizational Learning, Knowledge Management and Creativity
  • 22. Organizing for Change, Innovation, and Creativity
  • 23. Careers of the Creatives: Creating and Managing the Canvas
  • 24. Can Reward Systems Influence the Creative Individual?
  • 25. Performance Management: Appraising Performance, Providing Feedback, and Developing for Creativity
  • 26. Organizational Development
  • 27. Creativity in Organizations: Conclusions