The SAGE Handbook of Performance Studies

Editors: Madison, Soyini D. and Hamera, Judith
Publication Year: 2006
Publisher: SAGE Publications

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ISBN: 978-0-7619-2931-4
Category: Arts & Leisure - Performing Arts
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Table of Contents

The SAGE Handbook of Performance Studies brings together, in a single volume, discussions of the major research in performance studies and identifies directions for further investigation. It is the only comprehensive collection on the theories, methods, politics, and practices of performance relating to life and culture.

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Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: Performance Studies at the Intersections - D. Soyini Madison, Judith Hamera
  • Part I: Performance and Theory
  • I Introduction: Performance Trouble - Pollock Della
  • 1 Stages: Queers, Punks, and the Utopian Performative - José Esteban Muñoz
  • 2 Never, Again - Rebecca Schneider
  • 3 Performance and Globalization - Jon McKenzie
  • 4 Performance, Performativity, and Cultural Poiesis in Practices of Everyday Life - Judith Hamera
  • Part II: Performing History
  • II Introduction: Performing History: A Politics of Location - Lisa Merrill
  • 5 Genealogies of Performance Studies - Shannon Jackson
  • 6 Memory, Remembering, and Histories of Change: A Performance Praxis - Della Pollock
  • 7 Minstrelsy and Mental Metempsychosis: Mid-Nineteenth Century American Women's Performance Criticism - Gay Gibson Cima
  • 8 What to Do When Nuclear War Breaks Out - Tracy C. Davis
  • Part III: Performance and Literature
  • III Introduction: Performance of and Beyond Literature - Paul Edwards
  • 9 Shifting Contexts in Personal Narrative Performance Kristin M. Langellier, Eric E. Peterson
  • 10 The Constructed Self: Strategic and Aesthetic Choices in Autobiographical Performance Lynn C. Miller, Jacqueline Taylor
  • 11 The Strange Case of the Body in the Performance of Literature Classroom: An Enduring Mystery - Bruce Henderson
  • 12 On the Bias: From Performance of Literature to Performance Composition Ruth Laurion Bowman, Michael S. Bowman
  • 13 Staging Paradox: The Local Art of Adaptation - Paul Edwards
  • Part IV: Performance and Pedagogy
  • IV Introduction: Performance and Pedagogy - Bryant Keith Alexander
  • 14 Fieldwork in the Performance Studies Classroom: Learning Objectives and the Activist Curriculum - Nathan Stucky
  • 15 Ambulant Pedagogy - Mady Schutzman
  • 16 Pedagogy on the Move: New Intersections in (Between) the Educative and the Performative - Greg Dimitriadis
  • 17 Unlocking the Doors for Incarcerated Women Through Performance and Creative Writing - Kristin Bervig Valentine
  • 18 The Politics and Ethics of Performance Pedagogy: Toward a Pedagogy of Hope - Norman K. Denzin
  • Part V: Performance and Ethnography
  • V Introduction: Performance and Ethnography, Performing Ethnography, Performance Ethnography - Olorisa Omi Osun Olomo (Joni L. Jones)
  • 19 Dwight Conquergood's “Rethinking Ethnography” - D. Soyini Madison
  • 20 Rethinking Ethnography: Towards a Critical Cultural Politics - Dwight Conquergood
  • 21 Ethnography and the Politics of Adaptation: Leon Forrest's Divine Days - Derek Goldman
  • 22 “She Attempted to Take Over the Choreography of the Sex Act”: Dance Ethnography and the Movement Vocabulary of Sex and Labor - Barbara Browning
  • 23 Staging Fieldwork/Performing Human Rights - D. Soyini Madison
  • Part VI: Performance and Politics
  • VI Introduction: Performance and Politics: Themes and Arguments - Judith Hamera and Dwight Conquergood
  • 24 The Problem Democracy Is Supposed to Solve: The Politics of Community-Based Performance - Jan Cohen-Cruz
  • 25 Black Performance Studies: Genealogies, Politics, Futures - E. Patrick Johnson
  • 26 Lethal Theatre: Performance, Punishment, and the Death Penalty - Dwight Conquergood
  • 27 Who Is This Ancestor? Performing Memory in Ghana's Slave Castle-Dungeons (A Multimedia Performance Meditation) - Sandra L. Richards
  • 28 The Polemics and Potential of Theatre Studies and Performance - Jill Dolan
  • About the Editors
  • About the Contributors