The SAGE Handbook of Nonverbal Communication

Editors: Manusov, Valerie and Patterson, Miles L.
Publication Year: 2006
Publisher: SAGE Publications

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ISBN: 978-1-4129-0404-9
Category: Psychology
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Table of Contents

This Handbook provides an up-to-date discussion of the central issues in nonverbal communication and examines the research that informs these issues as an integral part of the field.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface - Valerie Manusov and Miles L. Patterson
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: The Ubiquity and Social Meaningfulness of Nonverbal Communication - Howard Giles and Beth A. Le Poire
  • Part I: Foundations
  • 1. An Historical Overview of Nonverbal Research - Mark L. Knapp
  • 2. The Evolution of Theories of Interactive Behavior - Miles L. Patterson
  • 3. Methods for the Study of Nonverbal Communication - Heather M. Gray and Nalini Ambady
  • 4. Automatic Cognitive Processes and Nonverbal Communication - Jessica L. Lakin
  • 5. Nonverbal Skills and Abilities - Ronald E. Riggio
  • 6. Nonverbal and Verbal Communication: Hand Gestures and Facial Displays as Part of Language Use in Face-to-face Dialogue - Janet Beavin Bavelas and Nicole Chovil
  • Part II: Factors of Influence
  • 7. The Biological Foundations of Social Organization: The Dynamic Emergence of Social Structure Through Nonverbal Communication - Ross Bucksee Buck and Stacie Renfro Powers
  • 8. An Evolutionary Approach to Understanding Nonverbal Communication - Kory Floyd
  • 9. Personality and Nonverbal Behavior: A Complex Conundrum - Robert Gifford
  • 10. Factoring in Age: Nonverbal Communication Across the Life Span - Robert S. Feldman and James M. Tyler
  • 11. Women's and Men's Nonverbal Communication: Similarities, Differences, Stereotypes, and Origins - Judith A. Hall
  • 12. Culture and Nonverbal Behavior - David Matsumoto
  • 13. Casting Nonverbal Behavior in the Media: Representations and Responses - Valerie Manusov and Adam Jaworski
  • Part III: Functions
  • 14. Nonverbal Behavior in Intimate Interactions and Intimate Relationships - Peter A. Andersen and Laura K. Guerrero and Susanne M. Jones
  • 15. Nonverbal Expressions of Dominance and Power in Human Relationships - Judee K. Burgoon and Norah E. Dunbar
  • 16. The Functions of Facial Expressions: What's in a Face? - Alan J. Fridlund and James A. Russell
  • 17. Why and How the Silent Self Speaks Volumes: Functional Approaches to Nonverbal Impression Management - Caroline F. Keating
  • 18. Nonverbal Communication and Deception - Aldert Vrij
  • 19. The Interaction Management Function of Nonverbal Cues: Theory and Research About Mutual Behavioral Influence in Face-to-Face Settings - Joseph N. Cappella and Darren M. Schreiber
  • 20. Nonverbal Behavior and its Functions in the Ecosystem of Rapport - Linda Tickle-Degnen
  • Part IV: Contexts and Consequences
  • 21. Nonverbal Communication in Close Relationships - Patricia Noller
  • 22. Nonverbal Communication in Instructional Contexts - James C. McCroskey, Virginia P. Richmond and Linda L. McCroskey
  • 23. Nonverbal Communication and Physician-Patient Interaction: Review and New Directions - Jeffrey D. Robinson
  • 24. Nonverbal Dynamics in Computer-Mediated Communication or: (And the Net: ('S with You,:) and You:) Alone - Joseph B. Walther
  • 25. Nonverbal Communication, Race, and Intergroup Interaction - John F. Dovidio, Michelle Hebl Jennifer A. Richeson and J. Nicole Shelton
  • 26. Uses and Consequences of Nonverbal Communication in the Context of Organizational Life - Martin S. Remland
  • Part V: Final Thoughts
  • 27. Nonverbal Communication: Basic Issues and Future Prospects - Miles L. Patterson and Valerie Manusov
  • About the Editors
  • About the Contributors