The Sage Handbook of Methods in Social Psychology

Editors: Sansone, Carol, Morf, Carolyn C. and Panter, A.T.
Publication Year: 2004
Publisher: SAGE Publications

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ISBN: 978-0-7619-2535-4
Category: Psychology
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Table of Contents

The genius of social psychology as a field has been its ability to investigate the seemingly complicated behaviors that characterize humans as social creatures. The SAGE Handbook of Methods in Social Psychology simplifies this complexity by providing researchers and students with an overview of the rich history of methodological innovation in both basic and applied research within social psychology.

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Table of Contents

  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgments
  • Preface
  • PART I Introduction and Overview
  • 1. The Research Process: Of Big Pictures, Little Details, and the Social Psychological Road in between - Carol Sansone AND Carolyn C. Morf AND A. T. Panter
  • PART II Fundamental Issues in Social Psychological Research
  • 2. The Methodological Assumptions of Social Psychology: The Mutual Dependence of Substantive Theory and Method Choice - Thomas D. Cook AND Carla Groom
  • 3. Ethical Issues in Social Psychology Research - Allan J. Kimmel
  • 4. Developing a Program of Research - Susan T. Fiske
  • PART III Design and Analysis
  • Implications of a Heterogeneous Population: Deciding for Whom to Test the Research Question(s), Why, and How
  • 5. Culturally Sensitive Research Questions and Methods in Social Psychology - Joan G. Miller
  • 6. Individual Differences in Social Psychology: Understanding Situations to Understand People, Understanding People to Understand Situations - Yuichi Shoda
  • Operationalizing the Constructs: Deciding What to Measure, Why, and How
  • 7. Constructing and Evaluating Quantitative Measures for Social Psychological Research: Conceptual Challenges and Methodological Solutions - Duane T. Wegener AND Leandre R. Fabrigar
  • 8. Measures and Meanings: The Use of Qualitative Data in Social and Personality Psychology - Laura A. King
  • 9. Implicit Methods in Social Psychology - John F. Kihlstrom
  • 10. Mediated and Moderated Effects in Social Psychological Research: Measurement, Design, and Analysis Issues - Rick H. Hoyle AND Jorgianne Civey Robinson
  • Research Designs: Deciding the Specific Approach for Testing the Research Question(s), Why, and How
  • 11. Experimental Design and Causality in Social Psychology Research - S. Alexander Haslam AND Craig Mcgarty
  • 12. Quasi-Experimental and Correlational Designs: Methods for the Real World When Random Assignment isn't Feasible - Melvin M. Mark AND Charles S. Reichardt
  • 13. Within-Subject and Longitudinal Experiments: Design and Analysis Issues - Stephen G. West AND Jeremy C. Biesanz Oi-Man Kwok
  • 14. Measuring Individuals in a Social Environment: Conceptualizing Dyadic and Group Interaction - Richard Gonzalez AND Dale Griffin
  • 15. Quantitative Research Synthesis: Examining Study Outcomes over Settings, Samples, and Time - Wendy Wood AND P. Niels Christensen
  • PART IV Emerging Interdisciplinary Approaches: The Integration of Social Psychology and other Disciplines
  • 16. Methodological and Ethical Issues in Conducting Social Psychology Research via the Internet - Michael H. Birnbaum
  • 17. Social Neuroscience: Bridging Social and Biological Systems - John T. Cacioppo, Tyler S. Lorig, Howard C. Nusbaum AND Gary G. Berntson
  • 18. Supplementing the Snapshots with Video Footage: Taking a Developmental Approach to Understanding Social Psychological Phenomena - Eva M. Pomerantz, Diane N. Ruble AND Niall Bolger
  • PART V The Application of Social Psychology and its Methods to other Domains
  • 19. Program Evaluation, Action Research, and Social Psychology: A Powerful Blend for Addressing Applied Problems - Geoffrey Maruyama
  • 20. Methodological Challenges and Scientific Rewards for Social Psychologists Conducting Health Behavior Research - Peter Salovey AND Wayne T. Steward
  • 21. Research Methods of Micro Organizational Behavior - Leigh Thompson, Mary Kern AND Denise Lewin Loyd
  • 22. Conducting Social Psychological Research in Educational Settings: “Lessons We Learned in School” - Judith M. Harackiewicz AND Kenneth E. Barron
  • About the Editors
  • About the Contributors