The SAGE Handbook of Educational Leadership: Advances in Theory, Research, and Practice

Editor: English, Fenwick W.
Publication Year: 2011
Publisher: SAGE Publications

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ISBN: 978-1-4129-8002-9
Category: Social Sciences - Education
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Table of Contents

This title boldly addresses the most fundamental and contested issues in the field, including culturally relevant and distributed leadership; critical policy and practice issues predicting the new centurys conflict; the paradox of changes; and the promises, paradoxes, and pitfalls of standards for educational leaders.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Educational Leadership at Century's Beginning—A Continuing Search for the Philosopher's Stone - Fenwick W. English
  • Part I. Multiple Lenses of Democratic Leadership
  • 1. A History of Public School Leadership: The First Century, 1837–1942 - Ira E. Bogotch
  • 2. Culturally Relevant Leadership for Complex 21st-Century School Contexts - Floyd D. Beachum
  • 3. Social Justice: Seeking a Common Language - Alan R. Shoho, Betty M. Merchant, and Catherine A. Lugg
  • 4. Distributed Leadership and Democratic Community - Jeffrey S. Brooks and Lisa A. W. Kensler
  • Part II. Management, Organization, and Law
  • 5. The Paradox of Change in Public Schooling and Education Leadership - Carol A. Mullen
  • 6. Pivotal Points: History, Development, and Promise of the Principalship - Kathleen M. Brown
  • 7. The School Superintendent: Roles, Challenges, and Issues - Theodore J. Kowalski and C. Cryss Brunner
  • 8. The Role of Education Law in Leadership Preparation Programs - Charles J. Russo
  • Part III. Educational Politics and Policy: Creating Effective, Equitable, and Democratic Schools
  • 9. Critical Policy/Practice Arenas Predicting 21st-Century Conflict - JoAnn Danelo Barbour
  • 10. Educational Leadership and the New Economy: Keeping the “Public” in Public Schools - Gary L. Anderson and Mónica Pini
  • 11. Standards for Educational Leaders: Promises, Paradoxes, and Pitfalls - Rosemary Papa
  • 12. Wild Patience: Women in School Administration - Charol Shakeshaft
  • 13. Metanoia in Educational Leadership: An Alternative Perspective for School Leadership - Cheryl L. Bolton
  • Part IV. Theories of Leadership: Research Problems and Practices
  • 14. The Nature of Inquiry in Educational Leadership - Michelle D. Young and Gerardo R. López
  • 15. The Development of Leadership Thought and Practice in the United States - Gary M. Crow and Margaret Grogan
  • 16. Exploring Aesthetic Dimensions of Leadership: Re-establishing Human Agency - Eugenie A. Samier
  • Part V. The Micropolitics of School Leadership
  • 17. Curriculum Leadership: The Administrative Survival Skill in a Test-Driven Culture and a Competitive Educational Marketplace - Fenwick W. English and Betty E. Steffy
  • 18. Teacher Preparation and Staffing in U.S. Schools - Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr.
  • 19. The Gaposis Syndrome: Uses and Misuses of Tests - Robert J. Wright
  • 20. Issues of Teaching and Learning - Eric Haas and Leslie Poynor
  • 21. New Approaches for School Design - Jeffrey A. Lackney
  • 22. Labor Relations and the Challenges of Leading - Todd A. DeMitchell
  • 23. Budgeting, Finance, and Planning - William K. Poston, Jr.
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  • About the Contributors