The SAGE Handbook of Curriculum and Instruction

Editors: Connelly, F. Michael, He, Ming Fang and Phillion, JoAnn
Publication Year: 2008
Publisher: SAGE Publications

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ISBN: 978-1-4129-0990-7
Category: Social Sciences - Education
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Table of Contents

The SAGE Handbook of Curriculum and Instruction comprehensively covers the field of curriculum and instruction, synthesizing the diverse, real-world matters that define the field.

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Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: Planning The Handbook: Practice, Context, and Theory - F. Michael Connelly, Ming Fang He, JoAnn Phillion, and Candace Schlein
  • Part I: Curriculum in Practice
  • Introductory Essay - Ian Westbury
  • Section A: Making Curriculum
  • 1. Curriculum Policy and the Politics of what Should be Learned in Schools - Ben Levin Consulting Authors: Geraldine Anne-Marie Connelly and Ulf P. Lundgren
  • 2. Curriculum Planning: Content, form, and the Politics of Accountability - Michael W. Apple Consulting Authors: Carlos Alberto Torres and Geoff Whitty
  • 3. Making Curricula: Why do States Make Curricula, and How? - Ian Westbury Consulting Authors: Stefan T. Hopmann and Leonard J.Waks
  • 4. Subject Matter: Defining and Theorizing School Subjects - Zongyi Deng and Allan Luke Consulting Authors: John Chi-kin Lee and Margaret Placier
  • Section B: Managing Curriculum
  • 5. Structuring Curriculum: Technical, Normative, and Political Considerations - Kevin G. Welner and Jeannie Oakes Consulting Authors: Michelle Fine and Kenneth R. Howe
  • 6. Curriculum Implementation and Sustainability - Michael Fullan Consulting Authors: David Hopkins and James Spillane
  • 7. Technology’s Role in Curriculum and Instruction - Barbara Means Consulting Authors: Larry Cuban and Stephen T. Kerr
  • Part II: Curriculum in Context
  • Introductory Essay - Allan Luke
  • Section C: Diversifying Curriculum
  • 8. Curriculum and Cultural Diversity - Gloria Ladson-Billings and Keffrelyn Brown Consulting Authors: Kathryn H. Au and Geneva Gay
  • 9. Identity, Community, and Diversity: Retheorizing Multicultural Curriculum for the Postmodern Era - Sonia Nieto, Patty Bode, Eugenie Kang, and John Raible Consulting Authors: Cherry A.McGee Banks and Sofia Villenas
  • 10. Students’ Experience of School Curriculum: The Everyday Circumstances of Granting and Withholding Assent to Learn - Frederick Erickson with Rishi Bagrodia, Alison Cook-Sather, Manuel Espinoza, Susan Jurow, Jeffrey J. Shultz, and Joi Spencer Consulting Authors: Robert Boostrom and Pedro Noguera
  • 11. Immigrant Students’ Experience of Curriculum - Ming Fang He, JoAnn Phillion, Elaine Chan, and Shijing Xu Consulting Authors: Jim Cummins and Stacey J. Lee
  • 12. Teaching for Diversity: The Next Big Challenge - Mel Ainscow Consulting Authors: Chris Forlin and Roger Slee
  • Section D: Teaching Curriculum
  • 13. Teacher Education as a Bridge? Unpacking Curriculum Controversies - Marilyn Cochran-Smith and Kelly E. Demers Consulting Authors: Ann Lieberman and Ana Maria Villegas
  • 14. Cultivating the Image of Teachers as Curriculum Makers - Cheryl J. Craig and Vicki Ross Consulting Authors: Carola Conle and Virginia Richardson
  • 15. Teachers’ Experience of Curriculum: Policy, Pedagogy, and Situation - William Ayers, Therese Quinn, David O. Stovall, and Libby Scheiern Consulting Authors: Freema Elbaz-Luwisch and Janet L. Miller
  • Section E: Internationalizing Curriculum
  • 16. Indigenous Resistance and Renewal from Colonizing Practices to Self-Determination - Donna Deyhle, Karen Swisher, Tracy Stevens, and Ruth Trinidad Galvin Consulting Authors: Teresa L. McCarty and Linda Tuhiwai Smith
  • 17. Globalization and Curriculum - Kathryn M. Anderson-Levitt Consulting Authors: Lynne Paine and Fazel Rizvi
  • 18. Community Education in Developing Countries: The Quiet Revolution in Schooling - Joseph P. Farrell Consulting Authors: Ash Hartwell and John N. Hawkins
  • Part III: Curriculum in Theory
  • Introductory Essay - William H. Schubert
  • Section F: Inquiring into Curriculum
  • 19. Curriculum Inquiry - William H. Schubert Consulting Authors: Craig Kridel and Edmund C. Short
  • 20. Curriculum Policy Research - Edmund C. Short Consulting Author: Nina Bascia
  • 21. Hidden Research in Curriculum - Robin J. Enns Consulting Author: Margaret Haughey
  • 22. Reenvisioning the Progressive Tradition in Curriculum - David T. Hansen, Rodino Anderson, Jeffrey Frank, and Kiera Nieuwejaar Consulting Authors: Gert J. J. Biesta and Jim Garrison
  • 23. What the Schools Teach: A Social History of the American Curriculum since 1950 - Barry M. Franklin and Carla C. Johnson Consulting Authors: Gary McCulloch and William J. Reese
  • 24. Curriculum Development in Historical Perspective - J. Wesley Null Consulting Authors: Geoffrey Milburn and Wiel Veugelers
  • 25. Curriculum Theory since 1950: Crisis, Reconceptualization, Internationalization - William F. Pinar Consulting Authors: Donald Blumenfeld-Jones and Patrick Slattery
  • 26. The Landscape of Curriculum and Instruction: Diversity and Continuity - F. Michael Connelly and Shijing Xu Consulting Authors: Elliot W. Eisner and Philip W. Jackson
  • About the Editors
  • About the Part Editors
  • About the Consulting Authors
  • About the Contributing Authors