The Psychology Research Handbook: A Guide for Graduate Students and Research Assistants

Editors: Leong, Frederick T.L. and Austin, James T.
Publication Year: 2006
Publisher: SAGE Publications

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ISBN: 978-0-7619-3022-8
Category: Psychology
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Table of Contents

The Psychology Research Handbook is the ideal textbook for graduate students studying advanced research methods in courses such as Research Methods in Psychology, Advanced Methods, Experimental Methods, Research Design and Methodology, Research Practicum, and Quantitative Research Design and Analysis in Psychology.

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword - Anthony J. Marsella
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: Scripts for Research: Thoughts on the Organization of the Psychology Research Handbook - James T. Austin, Frederick T. L. Leong
  • Research Planning
  • 1. Research as a Script - Douglas A. Hershey, Joy M. Jacobs-Lawson and Thomas L. Wilson
  • 2. Finding a Research Topic - Frederick T. L. Leong, Douglas J. Muccio
  • 3. Bibliographic Research - Jeffrey G Reed, Pam M. Baxter
  • 4. Reviewing and Evaluating a Research Article - Kathryn C. Oleson, Robert M. Arkin
  • 5. Program Evaluation: Concepts and Perspectives - James W. Altschuld, James T. Austin
  • Design, Instrument Selection or Development, and Sampling
  • 6. Designing a Research Study - Bruce E. Wampold
  • 7. Evaluating and Selecting Psychological Measures for Research Purposes - Madonna G. Constantine, Joseph G Ponterotto
  • 8. Designing Surveys and Questionnaires for Research - Robert D. Goddard III, Peter Villanova
  • 9. Scale Development - John W. Lounsbury, Lucy W. Gibson and Richard A. Saudargas
  • 10. Applying Sampling Procedures - William C. McCready
  • 11. Statistical Power - Brett Myors
  • Data Collection
  • 12. Applying for Approval to Conduct Research with Human Participants - Don M. Dell, Lyle D. Schmidt and Naomi M. Meara
  • 13. Conducting Mail and Internet Surveys - Alan Vaux, Chad S. Briggs
  • 14. Conducting Telephone Surveys - Peter Y Chen, Yueng-hsiang Huang
  • 15. Collecting Data in Groups - Stephen J. Zaccaro, Meredith Cracraft and Michelle Marks
  • Data Analysis
  • 16. Cleaning up Data and Running Preliminary Analyses - David L. DiLalla, Stephen J. Dollinger
  • 17. Qualitative Methods - Howard R. Pollio, T. R. Graves and Michael Arfken
  • 18. A Basic Guide to Statistical Research and Discovery: Planning and Selecting Statistical Analyses - Charles A. Scherbaum
  • 19. Basic Statistical Analyses - David N. Dickter
  • 20. Using Advanced Statistics - Lisa A. Steelman, Paul E. Levy
  • 21. Conducting a Meta-Analysis - Harris Cooper, Jorgianne Civey Robinson and Nancy Dorr
  • 22. Archival Data Sets: Revisiting Issues and Considerations - Barbara H. Zaitzow, Charles B. Fields
  • Research Writing
  • 23. Writing in APA Style: Why and How - Robert F Calderón, James T. Austin
  • 24. Writing Rough Drafts - Christopher Peterson
  • 25. Revising a Research Manuscript - Donna K. Nagata, Steven J. Trierweiler
  • 26. Dealing with Journal Editors and Reviewers - Samuel H. Osipow
  • Special Topics
  • 27. Coordinating a Research Team: Maintaining and Developing a Good Working Laboratory - Dennis L. Molfese & Colleagues
  • 28. Multilevel Research - David Chan
  • 29. Computational Modeling - Michael J. Zickar
  • 30. Applying for Research Grants - John G. Borkowski, Kimberly S. Howard
  • 31. Cross-Cultural Research Methodology - Kwok Leung, Fons J. R. Van de Vijver
  • 32. Applying Theories to Research: The Interplay of Theory and Research in Science - Charles J. Gelso
  • 33. The Research Script: One Researcher's View - Richard E. Petty
  • About the Editors
  • About the Contributors