The Handbook of Human Resource Management Education: Promoting an Effective and Efficient Curriculum

Editor: Scarpello, Vida Gulbinas
Publication Year: 2008
Publisher: SAGE Publications

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ISBN: 978-1-4129-5490-7
Category: Social Sciences - Education
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Table of Contents

The Handbook of Human Resource Management Education, the first handbook written on HRM education in the United States, clears up the confusion about the nature, content, and source of human resource management expertise.

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Table of Contents

  • Dedication
  • Preface on Learning and Teaching
  • Development of the HRM Field and HRM Education
  • Parallel Approaches to Development of the HRM Field and HRM Education - Vida Gulbinas Scarpello
  • Human Resource Management Education: Past, Present, and Future - Thomas A. Mahoney
  • HR Master's Programs in Industrial Relations and in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • The Origins, Development, and Current State of Professional Master's Programs in Industrial Relations - John A. Fossum
  • What We Should Know but (Probably) Never Learned in School: Thoughts on HR Education in Psychology Departments - Cameron Klein, Renée E. DeRouin, Eduardo Salas and Kevin C. Stagl
  • HR Education in Business Schools
  • Developing Quality Human Resource Professionals: Identifying the Appropriate Undergraduate Curriculum, Applying Human Resource Competencies, and Validating Human Resource Competencies - Thomas J. Bergmann and Scott Lester
  • The Critical Components of HRM Undergraduate Preparation: Textbook, Application, and Competency Development - Rebecca A. Thacker
  • Teaching HR to Undergraduate Students: The Colorado and Copenhagen Business School Approaches - David B. Balkin and Leon Schjoedt
  • New Emphasis on International HRM Education
  • The Graduate Class in International Human Resource Management: Strategies and Tactics - Greg Hundley
  • Managing People in Global Markets - Colette A. Frayne
  • Educating the HR Professional and General Manager on Key Issues in International HRM - Wayne F. Cascio
  • Neglected Topics in HRM Education
  • Rewards: From the Outside Looking In - Jerry M. Newman
  • Conceptual Tools for Studying the Ethics of Human Resource Management - John R. Deckop
  • A Model of the Transfer of Knowledge in Human Resources Management - Dianna L. Stone, Kimberly Lukaszewski and Eugene F. Stone-Romero
  • Micro- and Macro-Organizational Concepts Relevant to HRM
  • Some Psychological Concepts Essential for Human Resource Managers - Brian Murray and James H. Dulebohn
  • Fundamentals of Organizing: Structural Design and Its Relationship to HRM Practices - Vida Gulbinas Scarpello
  • Stakeholder Views of HRM Education
  • HR Executives' Views of HR Education: Do Hiring Managers Really Care What Education HRM Applicants Have? - Lynn M. Shore, Patricia Lynch and Debra Dookeran
  • Labor Stakeholder Views of HR Professionals: Implications for Graduate HR Education - Mary E. Graham and Patrick P. McHugh
  • Strategic Partnerships Between Academia and Practice: The Case for Nurturing Undergraduate HR Education - Debra J. Cohen
  • HR Success Constraints
  • ‘Be There, or Be in HR!’ The Trials and Tribulations of Human Resource Management in Business Schools - Sara L. Rynes, Skip Owens and Christine Quinn Trank
  • Why Human Resources Managers Fail as Players in the Strategic Management Process - Nancy A. Bereman and Gerald H. Graham
  • Why Knowledge of Core Business Functions Is Crucial for HR Managers - Herman A. Theeke
  • HR Professional Success and Parting Thoughts
  • Human Resource Professional Success - David A. Pierson
  • Parting Thoughts on Human Resource Management Education in the United States - Vida Gulbinas Scarpello
  • About the Editor
  • About the Contributors