Handbook on Communicating and Disseminating Behavioral Science

Editors: Welch-Ross, Melissa K. and Fasig, Lauren G.
Publication Year: 2007
Publisher: SAGE Publications

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ISBN: 978-1-4129-4031-3
Category: Social Sciences
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Table of Contents

The Handbook on Communicating and Disseminating Behavioral Science assembles for the first time in a single volume research, scholarship and practices from across relevant disciplines and professions to give a coherent picture for both students in the classroom and scholars. Designed as both a text and a handbook, it provides insights into the main actors, contemporary themes and approaches, key challenges, and the broader conditions that influence whether and how the work occurs.

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Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction - Melissa K. Welch-Ross And Lauren G. Fasig
  • Part I. Some Conceptual and Practical Issues
  • 1. A Perspective on the History and Future of Disseminating Behavioral and Social Science - Robert B. McCall And Christina J. Groark
  • 2. Science Communication Scholarship: Themes and Future Directions - Michael Weigold, Debbie Treise, And Paula Rausch
  • 3. Journalistic Practice and Coverage of the Behavioral and Social Sciences - Sharon Dunwoody
  • 4. Communicating the Complexities and Uncertainties of Behavioral Science - S. Holly Stocking And Johnny V. Sparks
  • 5. Communicating Basic Behavioral Science beyond the Discipline: Reflections from Social Psychology - John F. Dovidio And Samuel L. Gaertner
  • 6. Beyond University Walls: Communicating and Disseminating Science outside of the Academy - Stacy Ann Hawkins, Diane F. Halpern, And Sherylle J. Tan
  • Part II. Understanding Mass Media Priorities and Processes
  • 7. Reporting on Behavioral Science: A Glimpse inside the Television News Business - Andrea Grrow
  • 8. National Public Radio - Rachel Jones
  • 9. Newspapers - Tom Siegfried
  • 10. Magazines - Sally Lehrman
  • Part III. Communicating with the Public
  • 11. Making the News Interview a Success for You and the Reporter - Rhea K. Farberman
  • 12. From the Lab to the Living Room: Stories That Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk - Kathy Hirsh-Pasek And Roberta Golinkoff
  • 13. Working with Science Information Specialists - Earle M. Holland
  • 14. The Internet - Nancy Martland And Fred Rothbaum
  • Part IV. Communicating with Policy Makers
  • 15. A Knowledge Utilization Framework for Making Behavioral Science Useful to Policy Makers - Robert F. Rich
  • 16. Working with the Federal Government - Angela L. Sharpe
  • 17. State Your Case: Working with State Governments - Bill Albert And Sarah S. Brown
  • 18. Think Tanks and Advocacy Organizations - Karabelle Pizzigati
  • Part V. Disseminating Behavioral Science to Service Professions
  • 19. Disseminating Behavioral Medicine Research to Practitioners: Recommendations for Researchers - Kimberlee J. Trudeau And Karina W. Davidson
  • 20. Advancing Education Through Research: False Starts, Broken Promises, and Light on the Horizon G. Reid Lyon And Elayne Esterline
  • 21. Disseminating Effective Approaches to Drug Use Prevention - Mary Ann Pentz
  • 22. Disseminating and Implementing Evidence-Based Practices for Mental Health - David A. Chambers
  • 23. Behavioral Science in the Military - Janice H. Laurence
  • Conclusion: Current Themes and Future Directions - Melissa K. Welch-Ross And Lauren G. Fasig
  • Appendix of Related Resources
  • About the Editors
  • About the Contributors