Handbook of Workplace Violence

Editors: Kelloway, E. Kevin, Barling, Julian and Hurrell Jr., Joseph J.
Publication Year: 2006
Publisher: SAGE Publications

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ISBN: 978-0-7619-3062-4
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Table of Contents

In the Handbook of Workplace Violence, editors E. Kevin Kelloway, Julian Barling, and Joseph J. Hurrell Jr. bring together the contributions of leading researchers to provide summaries and unique perspectives on current theory, research, and practice relating to workplace violence.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • PART I: Perspectives on Workplace Violence
  • 1. Editors' Introduction to Part I
  • 2. Violence as Instrumental Behavior - Richard B. Felson
  • 3. Emotions, Violence, and Counterproductive Work Behavior - Paul E. Spector Suzy Fox Theresa Domagalski
  • 4. Prevalence of Workplace Aggression in the U.S. Workforce: Findings From a National Study - Aaron C. H. Schat Michael R. Frone E. Kevin Kelloway
  • PART II: Sources and Forms of Workplace Violence
  • 5. Editors' Introduction to Part II
  • 6. Workplace Emotional Abuse - Loraleigh Keashly Steve Harvey
  • 7. Workplace Bullying - Charlotte Rayner Cary L. Cooper
  • 8. Violence in Nursing - Marilyn Lanza
  • 9. School Violence - Irvin Sam Schonfeld
  • 10. Workplace Violence in the Police - Stephen B. Perrott E. Kevin Kelloway
  • 11. Crossing the Line: Violence on the Picket Line - Lori Francis James E. Cameron E. Kevin Kelloway
  • 12. Public-Initiated Violence - Manon Mireille LeBlanc Kathryne E. Dupré Julian Barling
  • 13. The Battlefield as Workplace: Violence in Warfighting - LCol Kelly M. J. Farley Victor M. Catano
  • 14. Violence in Peacekeeping - Michelle Inness Julian Barling
  • 15. Community Sources of Workplace Violence - Joerg Dietz Harjinder Gill
  • 16. The Consequences of Partner Violence on Employment and the Workplace - Jennifer E. Swanberg TK Logan Caroline Macke
  • 17. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: A Look Back and a Look Ahead - Collette Arens Bates Lynn Bowes-Sperry Anne M. O'Leary-Kelly
  • 18. Young Workers - Sean Tucker Catherine Loughlin
  • 19. A Case of Cyberdeviancy: Cyberaggression in the Workplace - Terrance Weatherbee E. Kevin Kelloway
  • PART III: Prevention and Intervention
  • 20. Editors' Introduction to Part III
  • 21. Organizational Response to Workplace Violence - Elizabeth Kelley Jane Mullen
  • 22. The Experience of Victims: Using Theories of Traumatic and Chronic Stress to Understand Individual Outcomes of Workplace Abuse - Theresa M. Glomb Lilia M. Cortina
  • 23. Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and Workplace Violence - Joseph J. Hurrell Jr.
  • 24. Screening and Selecting Out Violent Employees - Arla L. Day Victor M. Catano
  • 25. Training as a Workplace Aggression Intervention Strategy - Aaron C. H. Schat E. Kevin Kelloway
  • 26. Preventing Insider-Initiated Workplace Violence - M. Sandy Hershcovis Julian Barling
  • About the Editors
  • About the Contributors