Handbook of Organizational and Managerial Wisdom

Editors: Kessler, Eric H. and Bailey, James R.
Publication Year: 2008
Publisher: SAGE Publications

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ISBN: 978-1-4129-1561-8
Category: Business, Finance & Economics - Management
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Table of Contents

This Handbook systematically explores the characteristics of understanding, applying, and developing organizational and managerial wisdom.

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword - Karl E. Weick
  • Introduction: Understanding, Applying, and Developing Organizational and Managerial Wisdom - Eric H. Kessler, James R. Bailey
  • PART I: Logic
  • 1. Individual Logic—Wisdom in Organizations: A Balance Theory Analysis - Jennifer Jordan, Robert J. Sternberg
  • 2. Interpersonal Logic—Team Wisdom: Definition, Dynamics, and Applications - Tjai M. Nielsen, Amy C. Edmondson, Eric Sundstrom
  • 3. Organizational Logic—Institutionalizing Wisdom in Organizations - Paul R. Lawrence
  • 4. Strategic Logic—Toward a Wisdom-Based Approach to Strategic Management - Paul E. Bierly, III, Robert W. Kolodinsky
  • PART II: Ethics
  • 5. Individual Ethics—the Virtue of Prudence - Jean M. Bartunek, Jordi Trullen
  • 6. Interpersonal Ethics—the Wise Negotiator - Roy J. Lewicki
  • 7. Organizational Ethics—Acting Wisely While Facing Ethical Dilemmas in Leadership - Jay Conger, Robert Hooijberg
  • 8. Strategic Ethics—Strategy, Wisdom, and Stakeholder Theory: A Pragmatic and Entrepreneurial View of Stakeholder Strategy - R. Edward Freeman, Laura Dunham, John McVea
  • PART III: Aesthetics
  • 9. Individual Aesthetics—Self-Interest - Russell Cropanzano, Jordan Stein, Barry M. Goldman
  • 10. Interpersonal Aesthetics—Emotional and Social Intelligence Competencies are Wisdom in Practice - Richard E. Boyatzis
  • 11. Organizational Aesthetics—Aesthetics and Wisdom in the Practice of Organization Development - W. Warner Burke
  • 12. Strategic Aesthetics—Wisdom and Human Resource Management - Angelo S. DeNisi, Carrie A. Belsito
  • PART IV: Epistemology
  • 13. Individual Epistemology—Interpretive Wisdom - Dennis A. Gioia
  • 14. Interpersonal Epistemology—Wisdom, Culture, and Organizations - P. Christopher Earley, Lynn R. Offermann
  • 15. Organizational Epistemology—Interpersonal Relations in Organizations and the Emergence of Wisdom - Peter B. Vaill
  • 16. Strategic Epistemology—Innovation and Organizational Wisdom - Arnoud De Meyer
  • PART V: Metaphysics
  • 17. Individual Metaphysics—the Getting of Wisdom: Self-Conduct, Personal Identity, and Wisdom Across the Life Span - Nigel Nicholson
  • 18. Interpersonal Metaphysics—“We Live in a Political World”: The Paradox of Managerial Wisdom - Tyrone S. Pitsis, Stewart R. Clegg
  • 19. Organizational Metaphysics—Global Wisdom and the Audacity of Hope - Nancy J. Adler
  • 20. Strategic Metaphysics—Can Wisdom Be Taught? - Cynthia V. Fukami
  • PART VI: Synthesizing Commentary
  • 21. Wisdom: Objectivism as the Proper Philosophy for Living on Earth - Edwin A. Locke
  • 22. Wisdom as Learned Ignorance: Integrating East-West Perspectives - Robert Chia, Robin Holt
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  • About the Contributors