Handbook of Children, Culture, and Violence

Editors: Dowd, Nancy E., Singer, Dorothy G. and Wilson, Robin Fretwell
Publication Year: 2006
Publisher: SAGE Publications

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ISBN: 978-1-4129-7606-0
Category: Social Sciences - Sociology
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

The Handbook offers much-needed empirical evidence that will help inform debate about these important policy decisions. Moreover, it is the first single volume to consider situations when children are responsible for violence, rather than focusing exclusively on occasions when they are victimized.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction - NANCY E. DOWD
  • Prologue: Developmental Variations Among Children and Adolescents—An Overview of the Research and Policy Implications - DOROTHY G. SINGER
  • Acknowledgments
  • 1. Child Witnessing of Domestic Violence - NAOMI CAHN
  • 2. Domestic Violence and Child Protection: Confronting the Dilemmas in Moving From Family Court to Dependency Court - THOMAS D. LYON AND MINDY B. MECHANIC
  • 3. Sexually Predatory Parents and the Children in Their Care: Remove the Threat, Not the Child - ROBIN FRETWELL WILSON
  • 4. Exposure to Pornography as a Cause of Child Sexual Victimization - DIANA E. H. RUSSELL AND NATALIE J. PURCELL
  • 5. Statutory Rape: An Empirical Examination of Claims of “Overreaction” - ROSS E. CHEIT AND LAURA BRASLOW
  • 6. Mitigating the Impact of Publicity on Child Crime Victims and Witnesses - CHARLES PUTNAM AND DAVID FINKELHOR
  • 7. The Violent Shadows of Children's Culture - JOHN CECH
  • 8. A Preliminary Demography of Television Violence - NANCY SIGNORIELLI
  • 9. Protecting Children's Welfare in an Anxiety-Provoking Media Environment - JOANNE CANTOR
  • 10. The Impact of Violent Music on Youth - BARBARA J. WILSON AND NICOLE MARTINS
  • 11. How Real Is the Problem of TV Violence? Research and Policy Perspectives - DALE KUNKEL AND LARA ZWARUN
  • 12. Violent Video Games: Effects on Youth and Public Policy Implications - DOUGLAS A. GENTILE AND CRAIG A. ANDERSON
  • 13. Positive Features of Video Games - LAURIE N. TAYLOR
  • 14. Children, Adolescents, and the Culture of Online Hate - BRENDESHA TYNES
  • 15. Constitutional Obstacles to Regulating Violence in the Media - CATHERINE J. ROSS
  • 16. Peer Victimization: The Nature and Prevalence of Bullying Among Children and Youth - SUSAN P. LIMBER
  • 17. Bullying and Violence in American Schools - ELLEN DELARA
  • 18. Judging Juvenile Responsibility: A Social Ecological Perspective - MARK R. FONDACARO AND LAUREN G. FASIG
  • 19. Adult Punishment for Juvenile Offenders: Does It Reduce Crime? - RICHARD E. REDDING
  • 20. Psychopathy Assessment and Juvenile Justice Mental Health Evaluations - MATTHEW OWEN HOWARD, MICHAEL K. DAYTON, KIRK A. FOSTER, MICHAEL G. VAUGHN, AND JOHN L. ZELNER
  • 21. Cleaning Up Toxic Violence: An EcoGenerist Paradigm - BARBARA BENNETT WOODHOUSE
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  • About the Contributors