Handbook of Adoption: Implications for Researchers, Practitioners, and Families

Editors: Javier, Rafael A., Baden, Amanda L. and Biafora, Frank A., et.al.
Publication Year: 2007
Publisher: SAGE Publications

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ISBN: 978-1-4129-2751-2
Category: Social Sciences - Sociology
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Table of Contents

The Handbook of Adoption: Implications for Researchers, Practitioners, and Families is the first book to specifically address the many dimensions of adoption-related issues which can and do affect adoption triad members, specifically in the United States.

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Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Foreword - David Brodzinsky
  • 1. Breaking the Seal: Taking Adoption Issues to the Academic and Professional Communities - Rafael A. Javier, Amanda L. Baden, Frank A. Biafora, Alina Camacho-Gingerich, Douglas B. Henderson
  • PART I: Foundation - Preface by Frank A. Biafora
  • Preface to Part I
  • 2. Toward a Sociology of Adoption: Historical Deconstruction - Dawn Esposito, Frank A. Biafora
  • 3. Adoption Data and Statistical Trends - Frank A. Biafora, Dawn Esposito
  • 4. A Legal History of Adoption and Ongoing Legal Challenges - Madelyn Freundlich
  • PART II: Theoretical Issues in Adoption - Preface by Rafael A. Javier
  • Preface to Part II
  • 5. Developmental Challenges for Adoptees across the Life Cycle - Michael F. McGinn
  • 6. Adoptive Identity: How Contexts within and beyond the Family Shape Developmental Pathways - Harold D. Grotevant, Nora Dunbar, Julie K. Kohler, Amy M. Lash Esau
  • 7. The Cultural-Racial Identity Model: A Theoretical Framework for Studying Transracial Adoptees - Amanda L. Baden, Robbie J. Steward
  • PART III: Transracial and International Adoption - Preface by Amanda L. Baden
  • Preface to Part III
  • 8. Putting Culture into Context: The Impact of Attitudes toward the Adoption of Chinese Adoptees - Amanda L. Baden
  • 9. Moving beyond the Controversy of the Transracial Adoption of Black and Biracial Children - Rhonda M. Roorda
  • 10. International Adoption of Latin American Children: Psychological Adjustment, Cultural, and Legal Issues - Alina Camacho-Gingerich, Susan Branco-Rodriguez, Raúl Ernesto Pitteri, Rafael A. Javier
  • 11. From the Ashes of War: Lessons from 50 Years of Korean International Adoption - Hollee A. McGinnis
  • PART IV: Special Issues in Adoption - Preface by Amanda L. Baden
  • Preface to Part IV
  • 12. Open Adoptions: Longitudinal Outcomes for the Adoption Triad - Ruth G. McRoy, Harold D. Grotevant, Susan Ayers-Lopez, Susan M. Henney
  • 13. Single-Parent Adoptions and Clinical Implications - Behnaz Pakizegi
  • 14. The Special Needs of Special-Needs Adoptees and Their Families - Elizabeth J. Keagy, Barbara A. Rall
  • 15. Double Stigma: The Impact of Adoption Issues on Lesbian and Gay Adoptive Parents - Carol Anderson Boyer
  • 16. The Importance of Kinship Relationships for Children in Foster Care - Kathleen M. Doyle
  • 17. School Issues and Adoption: Academic Considerations and Adaptation - Francine Fishman, Elliotte Sue Harrington
  • PART V: Training and Education for Adoption Therapy Competence - Preface by Rafael A. Javier
  • Preface to Part V
  • 18. Variations in Clinical Issues for Children Adopted as Infants and Those Adopted as Older Children - Joyce Maguire Pavao
  • 19. Counseling Adoption Triad Members: Making a Case for Adoption Training for Counselors and Clinical Psychologists - Theresa Kennedy Porch
  • 20. Psychologists' Self-Reported Adoption Knowledge and the Need for More Adoption Education - Daniel A. Sass, Douglas B. Henderson
  • PART VI: Research Findings in Adoption Work - Preface by Rafael A. Javier
  • Preface to Part VI
  • 21. Research Contributions: Strengthening Services for Members of the Adoption Triad - Madelyn Freundlich
  • 22. Birth Mothers and Subsequent Children: The Role of Personality Traits and Attachment History - Mary Jo Carr
  • 23. Identity, Psychological Adjustment, Culture, and Race: Issues for Transracial Adoptees and the Cultural-Racial Identity Model - Amanda L. Baden
  • 24. Adoptees' and Birth Parents' Therapeutic Experiences Related to Adoption - Douglas B. Henderson, Daniel A. Sass, Jeanna Carlson (née Webster)
  • PART VII: Assessment and Treatment Issues in Adoption - Preface by Rafael A. Javier
  • Preface to Part VII
  • 25. Why Has the Mental Health Community Been Silent on Adoption Issues? - Douglas B. Henderson
  • 26. The Inner Life of the Adopted Child: Adoption, Trauma, Loss, Fantasy, Search, and Reunion - Betty Jean Lifton
  • 27. Birth Parents in Adoption: Using Research to Inform Practice - Amanda L. Baden, Mary O'Leary Wiley
  • 28. Relinquishment as a Critical Variable in the Treatment of Adoptees - Ronald J. Nydam
  • 29. Psychoanalytic Understanding and Treatment of the Adoptee - Christopher Deeg
  • 30. Psychic Homelessness Related to Reactive Attachment Disorder: Dutch Adult Foreign Adoptees Struggling with Their Identity - René Hoksbergen, Jan ter Laak
  • 31. “I Don't Know You”: Transference and Countertransference Paradigms with Adoptees - Janet Rivkin Zuckerman, Betty Buchsbaum
  • PART VIII: Poetic Reflections and other Creative Processes from Adoptees - Preface by Alina Camacho-Gingerich
  • Preface to Part VIII
  • 32. Reflections - Penny Callan Partridge, Christian Langworthy, Sarah Saffian
  • PART IX: Conclusion
  • 33. The Future of Adoption: A Call to Action - Frank A. Biafora, Rafael A. Javier, Amanda L. Baden, Alina Camacho-Gingerich
  • Resource Guide
  • About the Editors
  • About the Contributors