Handbook for Working with Children and Youth: Pathways to Resilience Across Cultures and Contexts

Editor: Ungar, Michael
Publication Year: 2005
Publisher: SAGE Publications

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ISBN: 978-1-4129-0405-6
Category: Social Sciences - Sociology
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Table of Contents

The Handbook For Working With Children and Youth: Pathways To Resilience Across Cultures and Contexts examines lives lived well despite adversity. Calling upon some of the most progressive thinkers in the field, it presents a groundbreaking collection of original writing on the theories, methods of study, and interventions that promote resilience.

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Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Foreword - James Garbarino
  • Introduction: Resilience across Cultures and Contexts - Michael Ungar
  • Part 1: Theoretical Perspectives
  • 1. Children's Risk, Resilience, and Coping in Extreme Situations - Jo Boyden and Gillian Mann
  • 2. Culture and Ethnic Identity in Family Resilience: Dynamic Processes in Trauma and Transformation of Indigenous People - Laurie D. McCubbin and Hamilton I. McCubbin
  • 3. Lessons Learned from Poor African American Youth: Resilient Strengths in Coping with Adverse Environments - Joyce West Stevens
  • 4. Gendered Adaptations, Resilience, and the Perpetration of Violence - Jane F. Gilgun and Laura S. Abrams
  • 5. The Theory of Resilience and its Application to Street Children in the Minority and Majority World - Jacqueline McAdam-Crisp, Lewis Aptekar, and Wanjiku Kironyo
  • 6. Beyond Resilience: Blending Wellness and Liberation in the Helping Professions - Isaac Prilleltensky and Ora Prilleltensky
  • 7. Community-Based Child Welfare for Aboriginal Children: Supporting Resilience Through Structural Change - Cindy Blackstock and Nico Trocmé
  • 8. Beetles, Bullfrogs, and Butterflies: Contributions of Natural Environment to Childhood Development and Resilience - Fred H. Besthorn
  • Part 2: Methodological Challenges in Resilience Research
  • 9. Methodological Challenges in the Study of Resilience - William H. Barton
  • 10. Qualitative Resilience Research: Contributions and Risks - Michael Ungar and Eli Teram
  • 11. Psychosocial Health in Youth: An International Perspective - John C. LeBlanc, Pam J. Talbot, and Wendy M. Craig
  • 12. Resilience and Well-Being in Developing Countries - Laura Camfield and Allister McGregor
  • 13. The International Resilience Project: A Mixed-Methods Approach to the Study of Resilience across Cultures - Michael Ungar and Linda Liebenberg
  • Part 3: Intervening across Cultures and Contexts
  • 14. Israeli Youth Cope with Terror: Vulnerability and Resilience - Zahava Solomon and Avital Laufer
  • 15. Overcoming Adversity with Children Affected by HIV/AIDS in the Indigenous South African Cultural Context - Philip Cook and Lesley du Toit
  • 16. Bent but not Broken: Exploring Queer Youth Resilience - Marion Brown and Marc Colbourne
  • 17. Psychosocial Functioning of Children from Monogamous and Polygamous Families: Implications for Practice - Alean Al-Krenawi and Vered Slonim-Nevo
  • 18. Strengthening Families and Communities: System Building for Resilience - Barbara J. Friesen and Eileen Brennan
  • 19. Professional Discourse of Social Workers Working with At-Risk Young People in Hong Kong: Risk or Resilience? - Kwai-Yau Wong and Tak-yan Lee
  • 20. Resilient Youth in North East India: The Role of Faith-Based Organizations in Communities Affected by Violence - Jerry Thomas and George Menamparampil
  • 21. Alternative Approaches to Promoting the Health and Well-Being of Children: Accessing Community Resources to Support Resilience - Ken Barter
  • 22. Respecting Aboriginal Families: Pathways to Resilience in Custom Adoption and Family Group Conferencing - Nancy MacDonald, Joan Glode, and Fred Wien
  • 23. Social and Cultural Roots of Russian Youth Resilience: Interventions by the State, Society, and the Family - Alexander V. Makhnach and Anna I. Laktionova
  • 24. Intercepts of Resilience and Systems of Care - Mary I. Armstrong, Beth A. Stroul, and Roger A. Boothroyd
  • 25. Youth Civic Engagement: Promise and Peril - Scot D. Evans and Isaac Prilleltensky
  • 26. Resilience in the Palestinian Occupied Territories - Toine van Teeffelen, Hania Bitar, and Saleem Al-Habash
  • 27. Resiliency and Young African Canadian Males - Wanda Bernard and David Este
  • 28. Violence Prevention Programming in Colombia: Challenges in Project Design and Fidelity - Luis F. Duque, Joanne Klevens, Michael Ungar, and Anna W. Lee
  • About the Contributors