Handbook for Social Justice in Counseling Psychology: Leadership, Vision, and Action

Editors: Toporek, Rebecca L., Gerstein, Lawrence and Fouad, Nadya, et.al.
Publication Year: 2005
Publisher: SAGE Publications

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ISBN: 978-1-4129-1007-1
Category: Psychology
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Table of Contents

The Handbook for Social Justice in Counseling Psychology: Leadership, Vision, and Action provides counseling psychology students, educators, researchers, and practitioners with a conceptual road map of social justice and social action that they can integrate into their professional identity, role, and function.

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword David L. Blustein
  • Social Justice and Counseling Psychology in Context Nadya A. Fouad and Lawrence H. Gerstein and Rebecca L. Toporek
  • Ethics and Professional Issues Related to the Practice of Social Justice in Counseling Psychology Rebecca L. Toporek and Robert A. Williams
  • Training
  • Social Justice Training in Counseling Psychology: Needs and Innovations Rebecca L. Toporek and Christopher J. McNally
  • Incorporating Social Justice in Counselor Training Programs: A Case Study Example Regine M. Talleyrand and Rita Chi-Ying Chung and Fred Bemak
  • Empowering Undergraduate Students to be Agents of Social Change: An Innovative Service Learning Course in Counseling Psychology Karen M. O'Brien, Sheetal Patel, Nancy Hensler-McGinnis and Jennifer Kaplan
  • Schools
  • Prevention Work in Schools and with Youth: Promoting Competence and Reducing Risks Gargi Roysircar
  • Prevention and Outreach with Underserved Populations: Building Multisystemic Youth Development Programs for Urban Youth Elizabeth Vera and Brian Daly, ufus Gonzales, elissa Morgan and Charu Thakral
  • Transformative Endeavors: Implementing Helms's Racial Identity Theory to a School-Based Heritage Project Chalmer E. Thompson, Dorienna M. Alfred, Sherri L. Edwards and Patricia G. Garcia
  • Promoting Social Justice through Preventive Interventions in Schools M. Meghan Davidson, Michael Waldo and Eve M. Adams
  • A Theoretical and Practice Framework for Universal School-Based Prevention Gargi Roys ircar
  • Marginalized Communities
  • Marginalized Communities in the United States: Oppression, Social Justice, and the Role of Counseling Psychologists Tania Israel
  • Seeking Social Justice for Victims of Intimate Partner Violence: Real-World Struggles in Pursuit of Systemic Change Margret E. Bell and Lisa A. Goodman
  • Achieving Social Justice for College Women with Disabilities: A Model for Inclusion Barbara J. Palombi and Alisa Matteson Mundt
  • Environmental Racism: A Call to the Profession for Community Intervention and Social Action Azara L. Santiago-Rivera and Kristin Talka and Amy W. Tully
  • The Unwarranted Pathologizing of Homeless Mothers: Implications for Research and Social Policy Lisa Cosgrove
  • Diving into the Hornet's Nest: Situating Counseling Psychologists in LGB Social Justice Work David H. Whitcomb and Michael I. Loewy
  • Toward a Radical Feminist Multicultural Therapy: Renewing a Commitment to Activism Susan L. Morrow, Donna M. Hawxhurst, Ana Y. Montes de Vegas, Tamara M. Abousleman and Carrie L. Castañeda
  • Career and Vocational Issues
  • Social Justice in Career and Vocational Aspects of Counseling Psychology: An Overview Nadya A. Fouad
  • Tools for Remodeling the Master's House: Advocacy and Social Justice in Education and Work Ruth E. Fassinger and Susanna M. Gallor
  • Individual, Programmatic, and Entrepreneurial Approaches to Social Justice: Counseling Psychologists in Vocational and Career Counseling Rebecca L. Toporek and Robert C. Chope
  • Social Justice through Self-Sufficiency: Vocational Psychology and the Transition from Welfare to Work Cindy L. Juntunen and Angela M. Cavett, Rhanda B. Clow, Venessa Rempel, Rachel E. Darrow and Adam Guilmino
  • Social Justice in Health Care
  • Counseling Health Psychology's Collaborative Role in the Community Gargi Roysircar
  • Working for Social Justice from Within the Health Care System: The Role of Social Class in Psychology Joshua A. Hopps and William M. Liu
  • Community Health Promotion Curriculum: A Case Study of Southeast Asian Refugees Uyen K. Huynh and Gargi Roysircar
  • Social Justice Related to Working with HIV/AIDS from a Counseling Health Psychology Perspective Christa K. Schmidt, Mary Ann Hoffman and Nicole Taylor
  • Counseling Psychologists in the International Arena
  • Counseling Psychologists as International Social Architects Lawrence H. Gerstein
  • A Social Justice Approach to International Collaborative Consultation Sharon G. Horne and Susan S. Mathews
  • Couples Helping Couples: Consultation and Training in Peñalolén, Chile Benedict T. McWhirter and Ellen Hawley McWhirter
  • Bringing Social Justice to International Practices of Counseling Psychology Kathryn L. Norsworthy and Ouyporn Khuankaew
  • Counseling Psychology and Nonviolent Activism: Independence for Tibet! Lawrence H. Gerstein, Doris Kirkpatrick
  • Moving from Contact to Change: The Act of Becoming Aware Scott L. Moeschberger, Alicia Ordóñez, Jui Shankar, Shonali Raney
  • Policy and Legislative Change
  • Social Action in Policy and Legislation: Individuals and Alliances Rebecca L. Toporek
  • Extending the Parsons Legacy: Applications of Counseling Psychology in Pursuit of Social Justice through the Development of Public Policy Sandra L. Shullman, Bobbie L. Celeste and Ted Strickland
  • Confessions of an Abiding Counseling Psychologist Robert H. McPherson, Clare Reilly
  • Future Directions
  • Future Directions for Counseling Psychology: Enhancing Leadership, Vision, and Action in Social Justice Rebecca L. Toporek, Lawrence H. Gerstein, Nadya A. Fouad, Gargi Roysircar, Tania Israel
  • About the Contributors