Easy Way Series: E-Z Spanish

Editor/Author Silverstein, Ruth J. , Pomerantz, Allen and Wald, Heywood
Publication Year: 2009
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

Price: Core Collection Only
ISBN: 978-0-76-414129-4
Category: Language & Literature - Modern Languages
Image Count: 142
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

E-Z Spanish presents a beginner's introduction to speaking, understanding, and writing in Spanish, with emphasis on oral proficiency. All stories and exercises have been modernized.

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Table of Contents

  • Your Speaking Skill
  • How to Use This Book
  • Basic Pronunciation Guide
  • Lecciones Preparatorias
  • I. La casa The House (Home)
  • II. Una oficina An Office
  • III. La ciudad The City
  • IV. Los alimentos Foods
  • V. Acciones Actions
  • VI. Descripciones Descriptions
  • VII. El cuerpo humano The Human Body
  • Part One: Structures and Verbs
  • Work Unit 1. The Noun and the Definite Article (Singular) Uses and Omissions
  • Work Unit 2. The Noun and the Definite Article (Plural) Uses and Omissions
  • Work Unit 3. The Present Indicative Tense: Regular AR Conjugation
  • Work Unit 4. The Present Indicative Tense: Regular ER and IR Conjugations
  • Work Unit 5. Interrogative Words
  • Work Unit 6. The Indefinite Articles: Un, Una, Unos, Unas, Alguno, Ninguno
  • Work Unit 7. Cardinal Numbers 1–31; Time, Days, Months, Dates, Seasons
  • Work Unit 8. Irregular Verbs of the Present Indicative Tense
  • Work Unit 9. Uses of the Preposition a
  • Work Unit 10. Uses of the Preposition de
  • Work Unit 11. Ser (to be)
  • Work Unit 12. Estar (to be); Contrasting Uses of Estar and Ser; The Present Progressive Tense
  • Work Unit 13. Descriptive Adjectives and LimitingAdjectives
  • Work Unit 14. Cardinal Numbers: 31 to 3 billion; Use of más, menos, tanto; Comparisons
  • Work Unit 15. Ordinal Numbers; Shortening of Some Adjectives; Comparisons
  • Work Unit 16. Formation and Use of the Direct Commands for “You” singular (Usted), “You” plural (Ustedes), and “Ourselves” (Nosotros)
  • Work Unit 17. Possessive Adjectives
  • Work Unit 18. Demonstrative Adjectives
  • Work Unit 19. Common Adverbs; Exclamatory ¡Qué…!
  • Work Unit 20. Stem-Changing Verbs of AR and ER Infinitives
  • Work Unit 21. The Complementary Infinitive: After Prepositions and tener que, para, por
  • Work Unit 22. Prepositional Pronouns
  • Work Unit 23. Direct Object Pronouns
  • Work Unit 24. Indirect Object Pronouns
  • Work Unit 25. Gustar (to be pleasing, to like)
  • Work Unit 26. The Preterite Indicative: Regular Verbs
  • Work Unit 27. The Preterite Indicative: Irregular Verbs
  • Work Unit 28. Nunca, nada, nadie, ni…ni, ninguno, tampoco in Emphatic andUnemphatic Negation
  • Work Unit 29. The Imperfect Tense
  • Work Unit 30. The Future and the Conditional Tenses
  • Work Unit 31. Reflexive Verbs
  • Work Unit 32. Stem-Changing Verbs of IR Infinitives
  • Work Unit 33. The Present Perfect Tense
  • Work Unit 34. The Familiar Commands for Tú
  • Part Two: Idioms and Dialogues
  • Work Unit 1: Expresiones corteses Polite Expressions
  • Work Unit 2: El tiempo, la edad, las sensaciones The Weather; Age; Sensations
  • Work Unit 3: La hora, la fecha Telling Time; Dates
  • Work Unit 4: En el trabajo At Work
  • Work Unit 5: Un sábado en el parque A Saturday in the Park
  • Work Unit 6: La cita; Expresiones Temporales The Appointment; Expressions of Time
  • Appendices
  • Spanish-English Vocabulary
  • English-Spanish Vocabulary
  • Verb Reference Chart
  • Answer Key