Easy Way Series: E-Z American History

Editor/Author Kellogg, William O.
Publication Year: 2010
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

Price: Core Collection Only
ISBN: 978-0-76-414258-1
Category: History - United States -- History
Image Count: 55
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

Barron's E-Z American History, a one-volume summary of American history, cites all important names and dates.

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • 1. A Nation of Immigrants
  • Approaches to History: The Method of the Historian
  • I. Native American Immigrants
  • II. European Immigrants
  • 2. European Settlements in North America
  • Approaches to History: Explaining History by Multiple Causes
  • I. The Spanish in the Americas— The Early Years
  • II. European Colonies in North America
  • III. The English Colonies to 1763
  • 3. The American Revolution
  • Approaches to History: Understanding the Past Through Cause and Effect Analysis
  • I. Steps Leading to the American Revolution
  • II. The Beginning of Violence
  • III. The American Revolution
  • 4. The Constitution and the Establishment of the New Nation
  • Approaches to History: The Influence of Individuals
  • I. Post-Revolution Government Under the Articles of Confederation
  • II. The New Government
  • III. The French Revolution's Impact on America
  • 5. Sectionalism and Nationalism: 1801-1850
  • Approaches to History: Manifest Destiny or the Concept of Being a Special or Chosen People
  • I. The Revolution of 1800 and Jefferson's Presidency
  • II. The Era of Good Feelings and the Jackson Presidency
  • III. Nationalism and Territorial Expansion
  • 6. A Growing Nation—Social Change: 1800-1860
  • Approaches to History: Law and Society
  • I. Early Supreme Court Decisions
  • II. Religion and Reform: 1800-1850
  • III. Social Changes in America
  • 7. Slavery and the Civil War
  • Approaches to History: Economics and History
  • I. The Failure of Compromise
  • II. The Civil War
  • III. The Period of Reconstruction
  • IV. Foreign Policy Issues
  • 8. Changing Lifestyles: 1865-1914
  • Approaches to History: The Effect of the Frontier on American Character
  • I. The Frontier and American History
  • II. Reform Movements
  • 9. From Panic to Empire
  • Approaches to History: The Cyclical View of History
  • I. Business Cycles
  • II. The Progressive Movement
  • III. Foreign Policy: 1877-1914
  • 10. Turmoil of War and Depression
  • Approaches to History: Ideology and History
  • I. World War I and the Peace
  • II. The Coming of World War II
  • III. Domestic and Social Issues: 1918-1932
  • IV. The New Deal
  • 11. World War II and the Early Years of the Cold War
  • Approaches to History: The Significance of War in Human Activity
  • I. World War II
  • II. The Early Years of the Cold War
  • III. Domestic Affairs: 1945-1960
  • 12. Civil Rights, Vietnam, the Cold War, and Watergate: 1960-1976
  • Approaches to History: Defining Who You Are
  • I. The Presidencies of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson
  • II. The Vietnam War
  • III. The Presidencies of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford
  • 13. The Presidencies of Carter, Reagan, and George H. W. Bush: 1977-1993
  • Approaches to History: History Seen as Driven by Biological Needs or Drives
  • I. Domestic Policies of Carter, Reagan, and George H. W. Bush
  • II. Foreign Policy Under Carter, Reagan, and George H. W. Bush
  • 14. Social Change: 1945-1992
  • Approaches to History: Social History as the Key to the Past
  • I. Social Aspects of the American Economy
  • II. Diversity in American Life: Changing Social Patterns
  • III. Social Movements and Social Protests
  • IV. Culture and Society
  • 15. The Recent Past: Clinton, G. W. Bush, Obama: 1993-2009
  • Approaches to History: Current Events or History and the Need for Revision
  • I. Domestic Issues During Clinton's Two Terms
  • II. Other Domestic Issues: 1993-2001
  • III. Domestic Policies and Issues During Bush's Two Terms
  • IV. Bush Undertakes War on Terrorism
  • V. Foreign Policy Issues: 1993-2009
  • VI. Financial Crisis, Election of 2008, and President Obama's First Two Months
  • 16. Social Trends and Developments: 1993-2009
  • Approaches to History: Everyone's Story Is Part of History
  • I. The Impact of Business and Industry on Social Patterns
  • II. Values, Diversity, and Changing Cultural and Social Patterns
  • Appendixes
  • Twenty-four Significant Dates
  • Maps
  • United States
  • The World
  • The Pacific Basin Including South America
  • The African Continent
  • List of Presidents
  • Answers