Executive Guide to Integrated Talent Management

Editor/Author Oakes, Kevin and Galagan, Pat
Publication Year: 2011
Publisher: ATD Press

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ISBN: 978-1-56286-754-6
Category: Business, Finance & Economics - Management
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Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

The Executive Guide to Talent Management will present strategic and tactical guidelines for training and development professionals seeking to play key roles in the process of building organizational capability and engagement by integrating talent acquisition, development, and deployment across traditional HR silos.

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgments
  • 1 Introduction: Too Many Soloists, Not Enough Music Kevin Oakes and Pat Galagan
  • Section I: An Overview of Integrated Talent Management
  • 2 Managing Talent in a Changing Landscape Peter Cappelli
  • 3 10 Essential Talent Management Lessons I Learned From My CEO Teresa Roche
  • Section II: Recruiting
  • 4 Integrating Talent Acquisition to Dramatically Improve Business Impact John Sullivan
  • 5 Hiring the Best: The First Step in Integrated Talent Management Leslie W. Joyce
  • Section III: Compensation and Rewards
  • 6 Aligning Learning and Development With Compensation and Rewards Jon Ingham
  • 7 Integrating Learning and Development With Compensation and Rewards at Hertz: A Case Study Karl-Heinz Oehler
  • Section IV: Performance Management
  • 8 Creating an Effective Appraisal System Edward E. Lawler III
  • 9 Performance Management That the CEO Cares About Annmarie Neal and Robert Kovach
  • Section V: Succession Management
  • 10 Managing Succession Successfully for All Concerned Marshall Goldsmith
  • 11 Succession Management at Edwards Lifesciences: A Case Study Rob Reindl
  • Section VI: Engagement and Retention
  • 12 Engaging and Retaining Talent Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans
  • 13 Engagement at 3M: A Case Study Karen B. Paul and Cindy L. Johnson
  • Section VII: Leadership Development
  • 14 Global Leadership Development Noel M. Tichy
  • 15 Leadership as a Competitive Advantage: The Evolution of GE's Growth Values Jayne Johnson
  • 16 Developing the Appreciated Leader: Leader Development at a Teaching Hospital Rebecca Phillips, with Jane Binger
  • Section VIII: Pulling It All Together
  • 17 Integrated Talent Management Dave Ulrich
  • 18 All Together Now: The Practical Realities of Talent Management Integration Kevin D. Wilde
  • Appendix: Additional Research From ASTD and i4cp
  • About the Editors