Plant Biotechnology and Agriculture

Editor: Altman, Arie
Publication Year: 2012
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology

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Category: Agriculture, Aquaculture & Food Sciences
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Table of Contents

A biological approach to plant biotechnology provides researchers, professionals, and students with a one-stop guide to applications and implication in agriculture

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Table of Contents

  • Contributors
  • Foreword - Roger N. Beachy
  • Preface - Arie Altman and Paul Michael Hasegawa
  • Introduction to Plant Biotechnology 2011: Basic Aspects and Agricultural Implications - Arie Altman and Paul Michael Hasegawa
  • Section A Introduction To Basic Procedures In Plant Biotechnology
  • 1 Genetics And Genomics Of Crop Domestication - J.S. (Pat) Heslop-Harrison, Trude Schwavacher
  • 2 The Scope Of Things To Come: New Paradigms In Biotechnology - Maheshi Dassanayake, Dong-Ha Oh, Dae-Jin Yun, Ray A. Bressan, John M. Cheeseman, J. Hans Bohnert
  • 3 Protein Targeting: Strategic Planning For Optimizing Protein Products Through Plant Biotechnology - Elizabeth Hood, Carole Cramer, Giuliana Medrano, Jianfeng Xu
  • 4 Proteomics And Its Application In Plant Biotechnology - Sylvain Bischof, Jonas Grossmann, Wilhelm Gruissem
  • 5 Plant Metabolomics: Applications And Opportunities For Agricultural Biotechnology - Diane M. Beckles, Ute Roessner
  • 6 Plant Genome Sequencing: Models For Developing Synteny Maps And Association Mapping - Delphine Fleury, Ute Baumann, Peter Langridge
  • 7 Agrobacterium-Mediated Plant Genetic Transformation - Yoel Shiboleth, Tzvi Tzfira
  • 8 Biolistic And Other Non-Agrobacterium Technologies Of Plant Transformation - Tracie K. Matsumoto, Dennis Gonsalves
  • 9 Plant Tissue Culture For Biotechnology - Prakash P. Kumar, Chiang Shiong Loh
  • Section B Breeding Biotechnologies
  • 10 Somatic (Asexual) Procedures (Haploids, Protoplasts, Cell Selection) And Their Applications - Tanya Tapingkae, Zul Zulkarnain, Masayo Kawaguchi, Takashi Ikeda, Acram Taji
  • 11 Marker-Assisted Selection In Plant Breeding - Giora Ben-Ari, Uri Lavi
  • 12 Male Sterility And Hybrid Seed Production - Sally Mackenzie
  • 13 Advances In Identifying And Exploiting Natural Genetic Variation - Christian S. Hardtke, Kaisa Nieminen
  • 14 From Epigenetics To Epigenomics And Their Implications In Plant Breeding - Athanasios Tsaftaris, Aliki Kapazoglou, Nikos Darzentas
  • Section C Plant Germplasm
  • 15 An Engineering View To Micropropagation And Generation Of True To Type And Pathogen-Free Plants - Eli Khayat
  • 16 Regulation Of Apomixis - Peggy Ozias-Akins, Joann A. Conner
  • 17 Germplasm Collection, Storage, And Conservation - Florent Engelmann
  • Section D Controlling Plant Response To The Environment: Abiotic And Biotic Stress
  • 18 Integrating Genomics And Genetics To Accelerate Development Of Drought And Salinity Tolerant Crops - Zvi Peleg, Harkamal Walia, Eduardo Blumwald
  • 19 Molecular Responses To Extreme Temperatures - Rafael Catalá, Aurora DíAz, Julio Salinas
  • 20 Biotechnological Approaches For Phytoremediation - Om Parkash Dhankher, Elizabeth A.H. Pilon-Smits, Richard B. Meagher, Sharon Doty
  • 21 Biotechnological Strategies For Engineering Plants With Durable Resistance To Fungal And Bacterial Pathogens - Dor Salomon, Guido Sessa
  • 22 Controlling Plant Response To The Environment: Viral Diseases - Munir Mawassi, Abed Gera
  • 23 Insects, Nematodes, And Other Pests - Philip R. Watkins, Joseph E. Huesing, Venu Margam, Larry L. Murdock, T.J. V. Higgins
  • Section E Biotechnology For Improvement Of Yield And Quality Traits
  • 24 Growth Control Of Root Architecture - Christopher N. Topp, Philip N. Benfey
  • 25 Control Of Flowering - Alon Samach
  • 26 Fruit Development And Ripening: A Molecular Perspective - Avtar K. Handa, MartíN- Ernesto Tiznado-HernáNdez, Autar K. Mattoo
  • 27 Potential Application Of Biotechnology To Maintain Fresh Produce Postharvest Quality And Reduce Losses During Storage - Amnon Lers
  • 28 Engineering The Biosynthesis Of Low Molecular Weight Metabolites For Quality Traits (Essential Nutrients, Health-Promoting Phytochemicals, Volatiles, And Aroma Compounds) - Fumihiko Sato, Kenji Matsui
  • Section F Plants As Factories For Industrial Products, Pharmaceuticals, Biomaterials, And Bioenergy
  • 29 Vaccines, Antibodies, And Pharmaceutical Proteins - Yuri Y. Gleba, Anatoli Giritch
  • 30 Plants As Factories For Bioplastics And Other Novel Biomaterials - Jan B. Van Beilen, Yves Poirier
  • 31 Bioenergy From Plants And Plant Residues - Blake A. Simmons
  • Section G Commercial, Legal, Sociological, And Public Aspects Of Agricultural Plant Biotechnologies
  • 32 Containing And Mitigating Transgene Flow From Crops To Weeds, To Wild Species, And To Crops - Jonathan Gressel
  • 33 Intellectual Property Rights Of Biotechnologically Improved Plants - Antoine Harfouche, Richard Meilan, Kannan Grant, Vincent K. Shier
  • 34 Regulatory Issues Of Biotechnologically Improved Plants - Elizabeth E. Hood, Deborah Vicuna Requesens, Kellye A. Eversole
  • 35 Prospects For Increased Food Production And Poverty Alleviation: What Plant Biotechnology Can Practically Deliver And What It Cannot - Martina Newell Mcgloughlin
  • 36 Crop Biotechnology In Developing Countries - Hugo De Groote