Insect Pathology

Editors: Vega, Fernando E. and Kaya, Harry K.
Publication Year: 2012
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology

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ISBN: 978-0-12-384984-7
Category: Science - Biology
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Table of Contents

With contributions covering all major groups of insect pathogens, this reference is a complete source for fundamental and applied information on insect pathology.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Foreword
  • Contributors
  • 1. Scope and Basic Principles of Insect Pathology - Harry K. Kaya Fernando E. Vega
  • 2. History of Insect Pathology - Robert Harrison and Kelli Hoover
  • 3. Principles of Epizootiology and Microbial Control - David I. Shapiro-Ilan, Denny J. Bruck, and Lawrence A. Lacey
  • 4. Baculoviruses and Other Occluded Insect Viruses - Robert Harrison and Kelli Hoover
  • 5. RNA Viruses Infecting Pest Insects - Yan Ping Chen, James J. Becnel, and Steven M. Valles
  • 6. Fungal Entomopathogens - Fernando E. Vega, Nicolai V. Meyling, Janet Jennifer Luangsa-ard, and Meredith Blackwell
  • 7. Microsporidian Entomopathogens - Leellen F. Solter, James J. Becnel, and David H. Oi
  • 8. Bacterial Entomopathogens - Juan Luis Jurat-Fuentes and Trevor A. Jackson
  • 9. Wolbachia Infections in Arthropod Hosts - Grant L. Hughes and Jason L. Rasgon
  • 10. Protistan Entomopathogens - Carlos E. Lange and Jeffrey C. Lord
  • 11. Nematode Parasites and Entomopathogens - Edwin E. Lewis and David J. Clarke
  • 12. From Silkworms to Bees: Diseases of Beneficial Insects - Rosalind R. James and Zengzhi Li
  • 13. Physiology and Ecology of Host Defense Against Microbial Invaders - Jonathan G. Lundgren and Juan Luis Jurat-Fuentes