Guides to Research Methods in Language and Linguistics: Research Methods in Second Language Acquisition: A Practical Guide

Editor/Author Mackey, Alison and Gass, Susan M.
Publication Year: 2011
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-1-4443-3426-5
Category: Language & Literature - Linguistics
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Table of Contents

Research Methods in Second Language Acquisition: A Practical Guideis an informative guide to research design and methodology for graduate students and scholars. Each chapter of this volume offers background, step-by-step guidance, and relevant studies to create comprehensive coverage of each method. Includes chapters by expert scholars on an array of topics, including second language writing and reading, meta-analyses, research replication, qualitative data collection and analysis, and more. Includes feature boxes in each chapter highlighting relevant research studies, discussion questions and suggested further readings. Utilizes research methods and tools from varied fields of study including education, linguistics, psychology, and sociology.

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Table of Contents

  • List of Contributors
  • 1 Introduction - Alison Mackey and Susan M. Gass
  • Part I Data Types
  • 2 How to Use Foreign and Second Language Learner Corpora - Sylviane Granger
  • 3 Formal Theory-Based Methodologies - Tania Ionin
  • 4 Instructed Second Language Acquisition - Shawn Loewen and Jenefer Philp
  • 5 How to Design and Analyze Surveys in Second Language Acquisition Research - Zoltán Dörnyei and Kata Csizér
  • 6 How to Carry Out Case Study Research - Patricia A. Duff
  • 7 How to Use Psycholinguistic Methodologies for Comprehension and Production - Kim McDonough and Pavel Trofimovich
  • 8 How to Research Second Language Writing - Charlene Polio
  • 9 How to Do Research on Second Language Reading - Keiko Koda
  • 10 How to Collect and Analyze Qualitative Data - Debra A. Friedman
  • Part II Data Coding, Analysis, and Replication
  • 11 Coding Second Language Data Validly and Reliably - Andrea Révész
  • 12 Coding Qualitative Data - Melissa Baralt
  • 13 How to Run Statistical Analyses - Jenifer Larson-Hall
  • 14 How to Do a Meta-Analysis - Luke Plonsky and Frederick L. Oswald
  • 15 Why, When, and How to Replicate Research - Rebekha Abbuhl