Guides to Research Methods in Language and Linguistics: Research Methods in Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics: A Practical Guide

Editor/Author Muller, Nicole and Ball, Martin J.
Publication Year: 2012
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-1-4443-3583-5
Category: Language & Literature - Linguistics
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Table of Contents

The only volume to offer hands-on information about the wide range of research philosophies, methods and tools used across linguistics, phonetics, and speech science, as applied to disordered speech and language. • Covers core topics for students undertaking their own research, including experimental and qualitative methods, sociolinguistics, corpus construction and analysis, data recording, transcription and digital analysis of speech, and speech imaging. • Considers the research ethics associated with working with people who have speech, language or other communication difficulties. • Includes a detailed discussion of the dissemination of research results, and advice on the writing of theses and dissertations, and on the writing and publishing of journal articles, as well the peer review process. • Offers students and researchers from a variety of entry points – such as linguistics, education, psychology, and speech pathology – an introduction to the scope of research in clinical linguistics and phonetics, and a practical guide to this interdisciplinary field

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Table of Contents

  • Notes on Contributors
  • 1 Linguistics, Phonetics, and Speech-Language Pathology: Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics - Nicole Müller and Martin J. Ball
  • 2 Research Ethics - Thomas W. Powell
  • 3 Experimental and Quasi-experimental Research in Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics - Vesna Mildner
  • 4 The Investigation of Speech Production: Experimental and Quasi-experimental Approaches - B. May Bernhardt, Penelope Bacsfalvi, Marcy Adler-Bock, Geetanjalee Modha, and Barbara Purves
  • 5 Investigating Disordered Language: Experimental and Quasi-experimental Approaches - Judith D. Oxley
  • 6 Qualitative Research in Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics - Nicole Müller
  • 7 An Ethnographic Approach to Assessing Communication Success in Interactions Involving Adults with Developmental Delay - Jacqueline Guendouzi and Paula S. Currie
  • 8 Conversation Analysis Applied to Disordered Speech and Language - Scott Barnes and Alison Ferguson
  • Appendix 1: Transcription Conventions
  • Appendix 2: Transcript
  • 9 Clinical Sociolinguistics - Martin J. Ball and Louise Keegan
  • 10 The Recording of Audio and Video Data - Ben Rutter and Stuart Cunningham
  • 11 Data Processing: Transcriptional and Impressionistic Methods - Martin J. Ball, Sara Howard, Nicole Müller, and Angela Granese
  • Notes on Appendices to Chapter 11
  • Appendix 11.1: IPA Chart
  • Appendix 11.2: extIPA Chart
  • Appendix 11.3: VoQS Chart
  • 12 Data Processing: Digital Analysis of Speech Audio Signals - Mark Huckvale
  • 13 Data Processing: Imaging of Speech Data - Joan Rahilly
  • 14 Data Analysis and Interpretation: Statistical Methods - Eleonora Rossi
  • 15 AphasiaBank: Data and Methods - Brian MacWhinney, Davida Fromm, Audrey Holland, and Margaret Forbes
  • 16 Disseminating Research: Reading, Writing, and Publishing - Sharynne McLeod