Wiley Handbooks in Work & Organizational Psychology: Psychological Management of Individual Performance

Editor/Author Sonnentag, Sabine
Publication Year: 2002
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-0-471-87726-4
Category: Psychology
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Table of Contents

Psychological Management of Individual Performance is a unique combination of contributions from an academic and a practitioner for each topic. Leading international authors come together in this integrative and comprehensive handbook, to combine academic research findings and to provide detailed practice-relevant information, on subjects such as performance concepts, work design, cognitive ability and personality as predictors of performance, performance appraisal and potential analysis, goal setting, training, mentoring, reward systems, strategic HRM as well as broader issues such as well-being and organizational culture. This Handbook is a valuable resource for researchers, academics and advanced students in psychology and related fields; as well as consultants, practitioners and professionals in HR, who want to contribute to the enhancement and maintenance of high individual performance.

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Table of Contents

  • About the Editor
  • About the Contributors
  • Series Preface
  • Preface
  • 1 Performance Concepts and Performance Theory - Sabine Sonnentag; Michael Frese
  • 2 Ability and Non-ability Predictors of Job Performance - Ruth Kanfer; Tracy M. Kantrowitz
  • 3 PRACTICE CHAPTER—debis Career Development Center: Personality Scales within a Process-Oriented Development Instrument for Management High Potentials - Jürgen Deller; Frederik L. Oswald; Ulrich S. Schoop
  • 4 Work Design and Individual Work Performance: Research Findings and an Agenda for Future Inquiry - Sharon K. Parker; Nick Turner
  • 5 PRACTICE CHAPTER—Organizational Design and Organizational Development as a Precondition for Good Job Design and High Job Performance - Oliver Strohm
  • 6 Appraisal: An Individual Psychological Perspective - Clive Fletcher
  • 7 PRACTICE CHAPTER—Performance Appraisal - Gesa Drewes; Bernd Runde
  • 8 Analysis of Performance Potential - Daniela Lohaus; Martin Kleinmann
  • 9 PRACTICE CHAPTER—Assessing Potential and Future Performance - Wieby Altink; Helma Verhagen
  • 10 The High Performance Cycle: Standing the Test of Time - Gary P. Latham; Edwin A. Locke; Neil E. Fassina
  • 11 PRACTICE CHAPTER—Enhancing Performance through Goal-Setting and Feedback Interventions - Jen A. Algera; Ad Kleingeld; Harrie van Tuijl
  • 12 Enhancing Performance through Training - Beryl Hesketh; Karolina Ivancic
  • 13 PRACTICE CHAPTER—Enhancing Performance through Training - Brigitte Winkler
  • 14 Enhancing Performance through Mentoring - Terri A. Scandura; Betti A. Hamilton
  • 15 PRACTICE CHAPTER—Mentoring for World-Class Performance - James G. Clawson; Douglas S. Newburg
  • 16 Enhancing Performance through Pay and Reward Systems - Henk Thierry
  • 17 PRACTICE CHAPTER—Performance Measurement and Pay for Performance - Harrie F. J. M. van Tuijl; Ad Kleingeld; Jen A. Algera; Mariëlle L. Rutten
  • 18 Managing Individual Performance: A Strategic Perspective - Susan E. Jackson; Randall S. Schuler
  • 19 PRACTICE CHAPTER—Performance Improvement through Human Resource Management - Sabine Remdisch
  • 20 Performance, Well-being and Self-Regulation - Sabine Sonnentag
  • 21 PRACTICE CHAPTER—Well-being, Stress Management and Performance: From Analysis to Intervention - Rendel D. de Jong
  • 22 Integrating the Linkages between Organizational Culture and Individual Outcomes at Work - Paul Tesluk; David Hofmann; Narda Quigley
  • 23 PRACTICE CHAPTER—Organizational Culture: A Case Study - Jaap J. van Muijen