Handbooks in Communication and Media: The Handbook of Communication and Corporate Reputation

Editor/Author Carroll, Craig E.
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-0-470-67098-9
Category: Business, Finance & Economics - Marketing
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Table of Contents

With the latest insights from the world of communication studies into the nature of corporate reputation, this new addition to Wiley-Blackwell's series of handbooks on communication and media reflects the growing visibility of large businesses' ethical profiles, and tracks the benefits that positive public attitudes can bring. - Serves as the definitive research collection for a fast-growing field featuring contributions by key international scholars -Brings together state-of-the-art communication studies insights on corporate reputation - Identifies and addresses the lacunae in the research literature - Applies new theoretical frameworks to corporate reputation

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Table of Contents

  • About the Editor
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Acknowledgments
  • 1 Corporate Reputation and the Multi-Disciplinary Field of Communication - Craig E. Carroll
  • Section 1 Communication Disciplines of Reputation
  • 2 Corporate Reputation and the Discipline of Public Opinion - Cees B.M. van Riel
  • 3 Corporate Reputation and the Discipline of Interpersonal Communication - Sherry J. Holladay
  • 4 Corporate Reputation and the Discipline of Organizational Communication - Robyn Remke
  • 5 Corporate Reputation and the Discipline of Advertising - Nora J. Rifon, Karen Smreker, and Sookyong Kim
  • 6 Corporate Reputation and the Discipline of Corporate Communication - Peggy Simcic Brønn
  • 7 Corporate Reputation and the Discipline of Public Relations - Judy Motion, Sally Davenport, Shirley Leitch, and Liz Merlot
  • 8 Corporate Reputation and the Discipline of Management Communication - James S. O'Rourke
  • 9 Corporate Reputation and the Discipline of Communication Management - Anne Gregory
  • 10 Corporate Reputation and the Discipline of Integrated Marketing Communications - Clarke L. Caywood
  • 11 Corporate Reputation and the Discipline of Marketing Communication - Richard J. Varey
  • 12 Corporate Reputation and the Disciplines of Journalism and Mass Communication - Craig E. Carroll
  • 13 Corporate Reputation and the Discipline of Visual Communication - Susan Westcott Alessandri
  • 14 Corporate Reputation and the Discipline of Corporate Communication Law - Karla K. Gower
  • Section 2 Theoretical Perspectives
  • 15 Agenda-Building and Agenda-Setting Theory: Which Companies We Think About and How We Think About Them - Matthew W. Ragas
  • 16 Complexity Theory and the Dynamics of Reputation - Priscilla Murphy and Dawn R. Gilpin
  • 17 Communicatively Constituted Reputation and Reputation Management - Stefania Romenti and Laura Illia
  • 18 A Strategic Management Approach to Reputation, Relationships, and Publics: The Research Heritage of the Excellence Theory - Jeong-Nam Kim, Chun-ju Flora Hung-Baesecke, Sung-Un Yang, and James E. Grunig
  • 19 Image Repair Theory and Corporate Reputation - William L. Benoit
  • 20 The Institutionalization of Corporate Reputation - John C. Lammers and Kristen Guth
  • 21 Experiencing the Reputational Synergy of Success and Failure through Organizational LearningTimothy L. Sellnow, Shari R. Veil, and Kathryn Anthony
  • 22 Relating Rhetoric and Reputation - Øyvind Ihlen
  • 23 Situational Theory of Crisis: Situational Crisis Communication Theory and Corporate Reputation - W. Timothy Coombs
  • 24 Corporate Reputation and the Theory of Social Capital - Vilma Luoma-aho
  • Section 3 Attributes of Reputation
  • 25 Corporate Attributes and Associations - Sabine Einwiller
  • 26 What They Say and What They Do: Executives Affect Organizational Reputation through Effective Communication - Juan Meng and Bruce K. Berger
  • 27 Corporate Reputation and Workplace Environment - Hua Jiang
  • 28 Corporate Reputation and the Practice of Corporate Governance - Justin E. Pettigrew and Bryan H. Reber
  • 29 Synthesizing Relationship Dynamics: An Analysis of Products and Services as Components of Corporate Reputation - Pan Ji and Paul S. Lieber
  • 30 Corporate Social Responsibility, Reputation, and Moral Communication: A Constructivist View - Friederike Schultz
  • 31 Reputation or Financial Performance: Which Comes First? - Alexander V. Laskin
  • 32 Who's in Charge and What's the Solution? Reputation as a Matter of Issue Debate and Risk Management - Robert L. Heath
  • 33 Form Following Function: Message Design for Managing Corporate Reputations - Peter M. Smudde and Jeffrey L. Courtright
  • Section 4 Contexts of Reputation
  • 34 Contrabrand: Activism and the Leveraging of Corporate Reputation - Jarol B. Manheim and Alex D. Holt
  • 35 Identity, Perceived Authenticity, and Reputation: A Dynamic Association in Strategic Communications - Juan-Carlos Molleda and Rajul Jain
  • 36 Corporate Branding and Corporate Reputation - Esben Karmark
  • 37 Corporate Reputation and Corporate Speech - Robert Kerr
  • 38 Corporate Reputation Management and Issues of Diversity - Damion Waymer and Sarah VanSlette
  • 39 Corporate Reputation in Emerging Markets: A Culture-Centered Review and Critique - Rahul Mitra, Robert J. Green, and Mohan J. Dutta
  • 40 The Power of Social Media and Its Influence on Corporate Reputation - Tina McCorkindale and Marcia W. DiStaso
  • 41 The Reputation of Corporate Reputation: Fads, Fashions, and the Mainstreaming of Corporate Reputation Research and Practice - Magda Pieczka and Theodore E. Zorn
  • 42 Reputation and Legitimacy: Accreditation and Rankings to Assess Organizations - Jennifer L. Bartlett, Josef Pallas, and Magnus Frostenson
  • 43 Hidden Organizations and Reputation - Craig R. Scott
  • Section 5 Communication Research and Evaluation
  • 44 Corporate Reputation Measurement and Evaluation - Don W. Stacks, Melissa D. Dodd, and Linjuan Rita Men
  • 45 Corporate Reputation and Return on Investment (ROI): Measuring the Bottom-Line Impact of Reputation - Yungwook Kim and Jungeun Yang
  • 46 The Future of Communication Research in Corporate Reputation Studies - Craig E. Carroll