Encyclopedia of Electrochemistry: Organic Electrochemistry

Editor/Author Bard, Allen J., Stratmann, Martin and Scholz, Fritz, et. al.
Publication Year: 2002
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-3-527-30400-4
Category: Science - Chemistry
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Table of Contents

From fundamental research to its application in the industry, this encyclopedia covers all aspects of electrochemistry. It provides both a comprehensive overview for electrochemists and an accessible look at electrochemical topics for users from other scientific disciplines. Volume 8 in this series offers a detailed examination of organic electrochemistry.

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Table of Contents

  • 1 Methods to Investigate Mechanisms of Electroorganic Reactions
  • 2 Practical Aspects of Preparative Scale Electrolysis
  • 3 Comparison of Chemical and Electrochemical Methods in Organic Synthesis
  • 4 Cathodic Reactions of Hydrocarbons, Olefins, and Aromatic Compounds
  • 5 Anodic Reactions of Alkanes, Alkenes, and Aromatic Compounds
  • 6 Oxidation of Oxygen-containing Compounds (Alcohols, Carbonyl Compounds, Carboxylic Acids)
  • 7 Reduction of Oxygen-containing Compounds
  • 8 Oxidation and Reduction of Halogen-containing Compounds
  • 9 Electrochemical Reactions of Sulfur Organic Compounds
  • 10 Electrochemistry of Nitrogen-containing Compounds
  • 11 Electrosynthesis of Natural Products, Fine Chemicals, and Pharmaceuticals
  • 12 Electrochemistry of Heterocycles
  • 13 Selectivity in Electrochemical Reactions
  • 14 Electrogenerated Acids and Bases
  • 15 Indirect Electrochemical Reactions
  • 16 Conducting Polymers