Wiley Handbooks in Work & Organizational Psychology: Dynamics of Organizational Change and Learning

Editor/Author Boonstra, Jaap
Publication Year: 2004
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-0-471-87737-0
Category: Psychology
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Table of Contents

This handbook focuses on the complex processes and problems of organizational change and relates current knowledge of individual and group psychology to the understanding of the dynamics of change. Complementary and competing insights are presented as overviews of theory and research. Offers helpful insights about choosing models and methods in specific situations. Chapters by international authors of the highest quality.

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Table of Contents

  • About the Editor
  • About the Contributors
  • Series Preface
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction - Jaap Boonstra
  • Part I Fundamentals and Practices in Organization Development
  • 1 Organization Development and Change: Foundations and Applications - Thomas Cummings
  • 2 Open Systems Theory: Implications for Development and Learning - Merrelyn Emery
  • 3 Organizing Change Processes: Cornerstones, Methods, and Strategies - Morten Levin
  • 4 Art and Wisdom in Choosing Change Strategies: A Critical Reflection - Marc Buelens; Geert Devos
  • Part II Designing and Organizing Organizational Change
  • 5 Change Architecture: Designing and Organizing the Process of Change - Colin Carnall
  • 6 Managing Change Successfully: Core Questions, Issues, and Strategies - Klaus Doppler
  • 7 Organizational Change: Strategies and Interventions - Elise Walton; Michael Russell
  • 8 Dilemmas and Paradoxes in Organizing Change Processes: A Critical Reflection - Luc Hoebeke
  • Part III Organizing, Changing, and Learning in Ambiguous Contexts
  • 9 Organizational Change and Development: Episodic and Continuous Changing - Karl Weick; Robert Quinn
  • 10 Thinking about Change in Different Colours: Multiplicity in Change Processes - Léon de Caluwé; Hans Vermaak
  • 11 Beyond Implementation: Co-creation in Change and Development - André Wierdsma
  • 12 Change Works: A Critical Construction - Dian Marie Hosking
  • Part IV Power Dynamics and Organizational Change
  • 13 Power Dynamics in Organizational Change: A Multi-perspective Approach - Patricia Bradshaw; Jaap Boonstra
  • 14 InteractionsinOrganizational Change: Using Influence TacticstoInitiate Change - Gary Yukl
  • 15 Power and Collaboration: Methodologies for Working Together in Change - Kilian Bennebroek Gravenhorst; Roeland in ’t Veld
  • 16 Power and Change: A Critical Reflection - Cynthia Hardy; Stewart Clegg
  • Part V Learning and Developing for Sustainable Change
  • 17 Learning in Organizations: Schools of Thought and Current Challenges - Alfons Sauquet
  • 18 Double-loop Learning and Organizational Change: Facilitating Transformational Change - Chris Argyris
  • 19 Learning and Sustainable Change: Designing Learning Spaces - Gerhard Smid; Ronald Beckett
  • 20 Knowledge, Learning, and Organizational Embeddedness: A Critical Reflection - Alice Lam
  • Conclusion: Some Reflections and Perspectives on Organizing, Changing, and Learning - Jaap Boonstra