Wiley-Blackwell Companions to Anthropology: A Companion to Linguistic Anthropology

Editor/Author Duranti, Alessandro
Publication Year: 2005
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-1-4051-4430-8
Category: Social Sciences - Anthropology
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Table of Contents

A Companion to Linguistic Anthropology provides a series of in-depth explorations of key concepts and approaches by some of the scholars whose work constitutes the theoretical and methodological foundations of the contemporary study of language as culture. Provides a definitive overview of the field of linguistic anthropology, comprised of original contributions by leading scholars in the field. Summarizes past and contemporary research across the field and is intended to spur students and scholars to pursue new paths in the coming decades.

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Table of Contents

  • Synopsis of Contents
  • Preface
  • Notes on Contributors
  • PART I Speech Communities, Contact, and Variation
  • 1 Speech Community
  • 2 Registers of Language
  • 3 Language Contact and Contact Languages
  • 4 Codeswitching
  • 5 Diversity, Hierarchy, and Modernity in Pacific Island Communities
  • 6 The Value of Linguistic Diversity: Viewing Other Worlds through North American Indian Languages
  • 7 Variation in Sign Languages
  • PART II The Performing of Language
  • 8 Conversation as a Cultural Activity
  • 9 Gesture
  • 10 Participation
  • 11 Literacy Practices across Learning Contexts
  • 12 Narrative Lessons
  • 13 Poetry
  • 14 Vocal Anthropology: From the Music of Language to the Language of Song
  • PART III Achieving Subjectivities and Intersubjectivities through Language
  • 15 Language Socialization
  • 16 Language and Identity
  • 17 Misunderstanding
  • 18 Language and Madness
  • 19 Language and Religion
  • PART IV The Power in Language
  • 20 Agency in Language
  • 21 Language and Social Inequality
  • 22 Language Ideologies
  • General Bibliography