Wiley-Blackwell Companions to Film Directors: A Companion to Jean Renoir

Editor/Author Phillips, Alastair and Vincendeau, Ginette
Publication Year: 2012
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-1-4443-3853-9
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Table of Contents

Francois Truffaut called him, simply, "the best". Jean Renoir is a towering figure in world cinema and fully justifies this monumental survey that includes contributions from leading international film scholars and comprehensively analyzes Renoir's life and career from numerous critical perspectives. - New and original research by the world's leading English and French language Renoir scholars explores stylistic, cultural and ideological aspects of Renoir's films as well as key biographical periods - Thematic structure admits a range of critical methodologies, from textual analysis to archival research, cultural studies, gender-based and philosophical approaches - Features detailed analysis of Renoir's essential works - Provides an international perspective on this key auteur's enduring significance in world film history

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Table of Contents

  • Notes on Contributors
  • Acknowledgments
  • Notes on the Text
  • Introduction: Renoir In and Out of His Time - Alastair Phillips and Ginette Vincendeau
  • Part I Renoir in Close-Up
  • Section 1 Reassessing Renoir's Aesthetics
  • 1 Shooting in Deep Time: The Mise en Scène of History in Renoir's Films of the 1930s - Martin O'Shaughnessy
  • 2 The Exception and the Norm: Relocating Renoir's Sound and Music - Charles O'Brien
  • 3 The Invention of French Talking Cinema: Language in Renoir's Early Sound Films - Michel Marie
  • 4 Renoir and His Actors: The Freedom of Puppets - Christophe Damour
  • 5 Design at Work: Renoir's Costume Dramas of the 1950s - Susan Hayward
  • Section 2 Critical Focus on Selected Films
  • 6 Sur un air de Charleston, Nana, La Petite Marchande d'allumettes, Tire au flanc: Renoir and the Ethics of Play - Anne M. Kern
  • 7 La Grande Illusion: Sound, Silence, and the Displacement of Emotion - Valerie Orpen
  • 8 La Bête humaine: Double Murder at the Station at Le Havre - Olivier Curchod
  • 9 La Règle du jeu: Lies, Truth, and Irresolution (A Critical Round Table) - Christopher Faulkner, Martin O'Shaughnessy, and V. F. Perkins
  • 10 The River: Beneath the Surface with André Bazin - Prakash Younger
  • Part II Renoir: The Wider View
  • Section 1 Renoir's Filmmaking and the Arts
  • 11 Seeing with His Own Eyes: Renoir and Photography - Alastair Phillips
  • 12 Popular Songs in Renoir's Films of the 1930s - Kelley Conway
  • 13 Renoir and the Popular Theater of His Time - Geneviève Sellier
  • 14 Theatricality and Spectacle in La Règle du jeu, Le Carrosse d'or, and Éléna et les hommes - Thomas Elsaesser
  • 15 French Cancan: A Song and Dance about Women - Ginette Vincendeau
  • 16 Social Roles/Political Responsibilities: The Evolving Figure of the Artist in Renoir's Films, 1928-1939 - Charles Musser
  • Section 2 Renoir's Place in the Critical Canon
  • 17 Seeing through Renoir, Seen through Bazin - Dudley Andrew
  • 18 Henri Agel's Cinema of Contemplation: Renoir and Philosophy - Sarah Cooper
  • 19 Renoir and the French Communist Party: The Grand Disillusion - Laurent Marie
  • 20 “Better than a Masterpiece”: Revisiting the Reception of La Règle du jeu - Claude Gauteur
  • 21 Renoir and the French New Wave - Richard Neupert
  • 22 Renoir between the Public, the Professors, and the Polls - Ian Christie
  • Part III Renoir, a National and a Transnational Figure
  • Section 1 Renoir, the Chronicler of French Society
  • 23 Renoir under the Popular Front: Aesthetics, Politics, and the Paradoxes of Engagement - Brett Bowles
  • 24 The Performance of History in La Marseillaise - Tom Brown
  • 25 Toni: A Regional Melodrama of Failed Masculinity - Keith Reader
  • 26 La Règle du jeu: A Document of French Everyday Life - Christopher Faulkner
  • 27 Renoir's Jews in Context - Maureen Turim
  • Section 2 Renoir, the Transnational Figure
  • 28 Renoir's War - Julian Jackson
  • 29 Interconnected Sites of Struggle: Resituating Renoir's Career in Hollywood - Elizabeth Vitanza
  • 30 The Southerner: Touching Relationships - Edward Gallafent
  • 31 The Woman on the Beach: Renoir's Dark Lady - Jean-Loup Bourget
  • 32 Remaking Renoir in Hollywood - Lucy Mazdon
  • Filmography
  • Select Bibliography