Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World: A Companion to Greek and Roman Political Thought

Editor/Author Balot, Ryan K.
Publication Year: 2009
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-1-4051-5143-6
Category: History - History, Ancient
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Table of Contents

Comprises essays from leading scholars in history, classics, philosophy, and political science to illuminate Greek and Roman political thought in all its diversity and depth. Offers a broad survey of ancient political thought from Archaic Greece through Late Antiquity. Approaches ancient political philosophy from both a normative and historical focus. Examines Greek and Roman political thought within historical context and contemporary debate. Explores the role of ancient political thought in a range of philosophies, such as the individual and community, human rights, religion, and cosmopolitanism.

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Table of Contents

  • Notes on Contributors
  • Acknowledgments
  • Note on Translations
  • List of Abbreviations
  • PART I The Broad View
  • 1 Introduction: Rethinking the History of Greek and Roman Political Thought - Ryan K. Balot
  • 2 What is Politics in the Ancient World? - Dean Hammer
  • 3 Early Greek Political Thought in Its Mediterranean Context - Kurt A. Raaflaub
  • 4 Civic Ideology and Citizenship - P. J. Rhodes
  • 5 Public Action and Rational Choice in Classical Greek Political Theory - Josiah Ober
  • 6 Imperial Ideologies, Citizenship Myths, and Legal Disputes in Classical Athens and Republican Rome - Craige B. Champion
  • 7 Gendered Politics, or the Self-Praise of Andres Agathoi - Giulia Sissa
  • 8 The Religious Contexts of Ancient Political Thought - Robin Osborne
  • PART II Democracies and Republics
  • 9 Democracy Ancient and Modern - Peter Liddel
  • 10 “Rights,” Individuals, and Communities in Ancient Greece - Paul Cartledge and Matt Edge
  • 11 Personal Freedom in Greek Democracies, Republican Rome, and Modern Liberal States - Robert W. Wallace
  • 12 The Mixed Constitution in Greek Thought - David E. Hahm
  • 13 Republican Virtues - Malcolm Schofield
  • 14 Roman Democracy? - W. Jeffrey Tatum
  • PART III The Virtues and Vices of One-Man Rule
  • 15 The Uses and Abuses of Tyranny - Sara Forsdyke
  • 16 Hellenistic Monarchy in Theory and Practice - Arthur M. Eckstein
  • 17 The Ethics of Autocracy in the Roman World - Carlos F. Noreña
  • PART IV The Passions of Ancient Politics
  • 18 Political Animals: Pathetic Animals - Giulia Sissa
  • 19 Anger, Eros, and Other Political Passions in Ancient Greek Thought - Paul W. Ludwig
  • 20 Some Passionate Performances in Late Republican Rome - Robert A. Kaster
  • PART V The Athens of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle
  • 21 The Trial and Death of Socrates - Debra Nails
  • 22 The Politics of Plato's Socrates - Rachana Kamtekar
  • 23 Freedom, Tyranny, and the Political Man: Plato's Republic and Gorgias, a Study in Contrasts - Arlene W. Saxonhouse
  • 24 Plato on the Sovereignty of Law - Zena Hitz
  • 25 “Naturalism” in Aristotle's Political Philosophy - Timothy Chappell
  • 26 The Ethics of Aristotle's Politics - David J. Depew
  • PART VI Constructing Political Narrative
  • 27 Imitating Virtue and Avoiding Vice: Ethical Functions of Biography, History, and Philosophy - Charles W. Hedrick, Jr
  • 28 Greek Drama and Political Thought - John Gibert
  • 29 Character in Politics - Philip A. Stadter
  • PART VII Antipolitics
  • 30 Cosmopolitan Traditions - David Konstan
  • 31 False Idles: The Politics of the “Quiet Life” - Eric Brown
  • 32 Citizenship and Signs: Rethinking Augustine on the Two Cities - Todd Breyfogle
  • PART VIII Receptions
  • 33 Republicanism: Ancient, Medieval, and Beyond - Christopher Nadon
  • 34 Twentieth Century Revivals of Ancient Political Thought: Hannah Arendt and Leo Strauss - Catherine H. Zuckert
  • References