Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture: A Companion to Anglo-Saxon Literature

Editor/Author Pulsiano, Phillip and Treharne, Elaine
Publication Year: 2001
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-0-631-20904-1
Category: Language & Literature - British literature
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Table of Contents

This acclaimed volume explores and unravels the contexts, readings, genres, intertextualities and debates within Anglo-Saxon studies. Brings together specially-commissioned contributions from a team of leading European and American scholars. Embraces both the literature and the cultural background of the period. Combines the discussion of primary material and manuscript sources with critical analysis and readings. Considers the past, present and future of Anglo-Saxon studies.

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Table of Contents

  • Contributors
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Abbreviations
  • Map 1 Late Anglo-Saxon England
  • Part I Contexts and Perspectives
  • 1 An Introduction to the Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Vernacular Literature Elaine Treharne and Phillip Pulsiano
  • 2 An Introduction to the Corpus of Anglo-Latin Literature Joseph P. McGowan
  • 3 Transmission of Literature and Learning: Anglo-Saxon Scribal Culture Jonathan Wilcox
  • 4 Authorship and Anonymity Mary Swan
  • 5 Audience(s), Reception, Literacy Hugh Magennis
  • 6 Anglo-Saxon Manuscript Production: Issues of Making and Using Michelle P. Brown
  • Part II Readings: Cultural Framework and Heritage
  • 7 The Germanic Background Patrizia Lendinara
  • 8 Religious Context: Pre-Benedictine Reform Period Susan Irvine
  • 9 The Benedictine Reform and Beyond Joyce Hill
  • 10 Legal and Documentary Writings Carole Hough
  • 11 Scientific and Medical Writings Stephanie Hollis
  • 12 Prayers, Glosses and Glossaries Phillip Pulsiano
  • Part III Genres and Modes
  • 13 Religious Prose Roy M. Liuzza
  • 14 Religious Poetry Patrick W. Conner
  • 15 Secular Prose Donald G. Scragg
  • 16 Secular Poetry Fred C. Robinson
  • 17 Anglo-Latin Prose Joseph P. McGowan
  • Part IV Intertextualities: Sources and Influences
  • 18 Biblical and Patristic Learning Thomas Hall
  • 19 The Irish Tradition Charles D. Wright
  • 20 Continental Germanic Influences Rolf Bremmer
  • 21 Scandinavian Relations Robert E. Bjork
  • Part V Debates and Issues
  • 22 English in the Post-Conquest Period Elaine Treharne
  • 23 Anglo-Saxon Studies: Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries Timothy Graham
  • 24 Anglo-Saxon Studies in the Nineteenth Century: England, Denmark, America J. R. Hall
  • 25 Anglo-Saxon Studies in the Nineteenth Century: Germany, Austria, Switzerland Hans Sauer
  • 26 By the Numbers: Anglo-Saxon Scholarship at the Century's End Allen Frantzen
  • 27 The New Millennium Nicholas Howe
  • Selected Further Reading