Tracing the Roots of Globalization and Business Principles

Editor/Author Beer, Lawrence A.
Publication Year: 2011
Publisher: Business Expert Press

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ISBN: 978-1-60649-210-9
Category: Business, Finance & Economics - Business
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A central theme to the text is in fact that the commercial process is central to the human condition. The onus to exchange, the bartering of the fruits of one's labor, achieved by physical work or applied knowledge, with another is the natural condition of humankind. It separates us from all other species on earth and underscores humankind's desire to reach out and touch - integrate with others. Such natural process, the trade initiative, is the root of modern globalization. It is also the prime contributor to the development of civilization and has provided the world with a continuing component that sustains progress and improves life. Given this consideration, the business system, and the institutions created to utilize it, have continued to live up to its influential heritage as a central tool in societal progression; although like most human endeavors it is fought with mistakes and errors - it is not perfect. Acquainting students and managers with their heritage sets the stage for the next act in the never ending commercial process. The trading activity, although always beset with stumbling blocks, has always strived to live up to its human promise to make the world a unified better place. Such a goal should not be forgotten and students as well as managers need to reflect on their wider role - providing the golden thread in the continuing tapestry of a global integrated civilization. The commercial process is not just about wealth accumulation or profit and loss; it is ingrained with social progression and the changes over time. Today's business student must see the world on a wider horizon, appreciate and understand the richness of the role their commercial ancestors played in shaping the world if they are to be properly educated on the position and responsibilities they will be required to fulfill in the business of the future.

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