Blackwell Companions to Religion: The Blackwell Companion to Jesus

Editor: Burkett, Delbert
Publication Year: 2010
Publisher: Blackwell Publishers

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ISBN: 978-1-4051-9362-7
Category: Religion & Theology - Christianity
Image Count: 22
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

Features a comprehensive collection of essays that explore the diverse ways in which Jesus has been imagined or portrayed from the beginnings of Christianity to the present day.

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Table of Contents

    • List of Figures
    • Notes on Contributors
    • Acknowledgments
    • Images of Jesus: An Overview Delbert Burkett
    • Part I Jesus in the New Testament
    • 1 Mark’s Portrait of Jesus William R. Telford
    • 2 Who Do You Say That I Am? A Matthean Response Elaine M. Wainwright
    • 3 Jesus in Luke-Acts Delbert Burkett
    • 4 John’s Portrait of Jesus Mary L. Coloe
    • 5 Jesus in Q Christopher Tuckett
    • 6 Paul, Jesus, and Christ Edward Adams
    • 7 Jesus in the General Epistles Harold W. Attridge
    • 8 Jesus in the Apocalypse Ian Boxall
    • 9 Constructing Images of Jesus from the Hebrew Bible Warren Carter
    • Part II Jesus Beyond the New Testament
    • 10 Ancient Apocryphal Portraits of Jesus J. K. Elliott
    • 11 Gnostic Portraits of Jesus Majella Franzmann
    • 12 The Christ of the Creeds Khaled Anatolios
    • 13 Jesus in Atonement Theories Stephen Finlan
    • Part III Jesus in World Religions
    • 14 Jewish Perspectives on Jesus Michael J. Cook
    • 15 Islamic Perspectives on Jesus Reem A. Meshal and M. Reza Pirbhai
    • 16 Hindu Perspectives on Jesus Sandy Bharat
    • 17 Buddhist Perspectives on Jesus Peggy Morgan
    • Part IV Philosophical and Historical Perspectives on Jesus
    • 18 Skeptical Perspectives on Jesus’ Resurrection Michael Martin
    • 19 The Quest for the Historical Jesus: An Overview David B. Gowler
    • 20 The "Jesus" of the Jesus Seminar Robert J. Miller
    • 21 The Quest for the Historical Jesus: An Appraisal Helen K. Bond
    • Part V Modern Manifestations of Jesus
    • 22 Modern Western Christology John P. Galvin
    • 23 Christology in Africa, Asia, and Latin America Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen
    • 24 Jesus in American Culture Paul Harvey
    • 25 The Black Christ Kelly Brown Douglas with Delbert Burkett
    • 26 Feminist Christologies Lisa Isherwood
    • 27 The "Gay" Jesus Theodore W. Jennings Jr.
    • 28 Modern Mystifications of Jesus Per Beskow
    • Part VI Jesus in Art, Fiction, and Film
    • 29 Jesus in Christian Art Robin M. Jensen
    • 30 Jesus Novels: Solving Problems with Fiction Zeba A. Crook
    • 31 Jesus in Film Adele Reinhartz