A Biographical Dictionary of Artists, Andromeda

Editor: Gowing, Lawrence
Publication Year: 1995
Publisher: Windmill Books (Andromeda International)

Price: Core Collection Only
ISBN: 978-0-8160-3252-5
Category: Arts & Leisure - Art & Art History
Book Status: Available

Covering over 1300 artists, this dictionary is made up of alphabetically arranged entries for painters (such as Monet), architects (such as Aalto), and sculptors (such as Brancusi) from pre-Christian times to the present (see, for example, Berlin painter, Hockney). The coverage of the book is truly global, with many Asian and African artists included. Each artist's entry includes dates, training, career, influences on his or her work, and, for approximately one-third of the artists, a bibliography of further reading.

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