The Ashgate Research Companion to Modern Theory, Modern Power, World Politics

Editor/Author Soguk, Nevzat and Nelson, Nelson, Scott G.
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing

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ISBN: 978-0-7546-7907-3
Category: Social Sciences - Political science
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Table of Contents

Deliberately eschewing disciplinary and temporal boundaries, this volume makes a major contribution to the de-traditionalization of political thinking within the discourses of international relations.

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Table of Contents

  • List of Figures
  • List of Tables
  • List of Contributors
  • Acknowledgements
  • Foreword (Avante!) by James Der Derian
  • 1 Introduction: The Measure of Modern Theory in World Politics Nevzat Soguk and Scott G. Nelson
  • Part I Theoretical Interventions
  • 2 Ever Since the Days of Thucydides: On the Textual Origins of IR Theory Timothy J. Ruback
  • 3 Appropriating Adam Smith: Affirmation and Contestation in Discourses of Political Economy Joel T. Shelton
  • 4 Marx and Materiality: “International Relations” as Embedded Efficiencies and Emergencies Timothy W. Luke
  • 5 No International Theory, but What about Transformation? A Critical Reading of Martin Wight and Raya Dunayevskaya Sandra Rein
  • 6 Hannah Arendt and the Geopolitics of Ecology Jake P. Greear
  • 7 Critical Spirits/Realist Specters: Some Hypotheses on the Spectro-Poetics of International Relations Richard K. Ashley
  • Part II Security, Representation, and Subjectivity
  • 8 The Centrality of Tabloid Geopolitics: Western Discourses of Terror and the Defacing of the Other François Debrix
  • 9 Writing from the Edge Roxanne Lynn Doty
  • 10 The Presence of War: “Here and Elsewhere” Michael J. Shapiro
  • 11 Territorializing the Soul: The Geopolitics of Subjectivity Scott G. Nelson
  • 12 Return of the Oppressed: Recognition, Violence, and the Mediation of Estrangement Sam Okoth Opondo
  • 13 The Achievements of Feminism in IR Julie Webber
  • Part III The Analytics of World Politics
  • 14 Between U.S. Imperialism and “Empire”: World Politics and the Globalization of Late Capitalist Subjectivity Nicholas J. Kiersey
  • 15 “Beyond” the International: The Immanence of the Global Peter Lenco
  • 16 Interdisciplining Global Thinking Brian McCormack
  • 17 The (Human) Subject of Security: Beyond the Biopolitics of Resilience Julian Reid
  • 18 Melancholia, Realism, and International Relations Nevzat Soguk
  • 19 Beyond Dualism: Expanded Understandings of Religion and Global Justice Erin K. Wilson
  • 20 The Paradox of Crisis and the Importance of Being Disinterested Geoffrey Whitehall
  • 21 Constructivism, Archaeology, and Humanitarian Intervention: A Reflection on Method Laura Zanotti
  • Part IV Virtual Communities
  • 22 What Would a Global Civic Order Look Like? A Perspective from Islamic History Mohammed A. Bamyeh
  • 23 Cosmopolitan Theory and World Politics: An Argument for Cosmopolitan Realism Richard Beardsworth
  • 24 The Last Frontier: Contemporary Peregrinations over the Borders of International Relations Lorenzo Rinelli
  • 25 Nationalism, Violence, and Globalization: Reflections on Gandhi's Political Thought Manfred B. Steger
  • Epilogue: Political Judgment in International Relations Theory Scott G. Nelson and Nevzat Soguk