The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research Design

Editor: Flick, Uwe
Publication Year: 2022
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-1-5264-8432-1
Category: Social Sciences - Research Methods & Study Skills
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Table of Contents

Containing contributions from top scholars from a range of social science disciplines, this Handbook is not just an anthology of different qualitative research designs and how/when to use them; it is a complete exploration of how and why these designs are shaped and how, why, and into what they are evolving.

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Table of Contents

    • List of Figures
    • List of Tables
    • Notes on the Editor and Contributors
    • Acknowledgements
    • Volume 1 – Basics of Designing Qualitative Research: Concepts, Theories, and Elements
    • 1. Setting the Agenda – Roles of Design(ing) in Qualitative Research - Uwe Flick
    • Part I Concepts of Designing Designs in Qualitative Research
    • 2. Reflexive Design in Qualitative Research - Mats Alvesson, Jörgen Sandberg, and Katja Einola
    • 3. Interactive Approaches to Qualitative Research Design - Joseph A. Maxwell
    • 4. Emergent Design - Martyn Hammersley
    • 5. Choosing a Research Design for Qualitative Research – A Ferris Wheel of Approaches - Karen M. Staller and Yun Chen
    • Part II Theories and Epistemological Contexts of Designing Qualitative Research
    • 6. Constructionism and Qualitative Research Design - Jonathan Potter and Jessica Robles
    • 7. Phenomenology: Alfred Schutz's Structures of the Life-World and Their Implications - Thomas S. Eberle
    • 8. Care-ful Research: Sensibilities from Science and Technology Studies (STS) - John Law and Wen-yuan Lin
    • 9. Critical Realism as a Stance for Designing Qualitative Research - Joseph A. Maxwell
    • 10. Ontologies of Relation and Difference in ‘Research Designs’ - Mirka Koro, David Lee Carlson, Marina Basu, and Keti Tsotniashvili
    • 11. Feminist Research: Inequality, Social Change, and Intersectionality - Alexandra J. Hawkey and Jane M. Ussher
    • 12. Queer(ing) Methodologies - Tommaso M. Milani and Rodrigo Borba
    • 13. Decolonising Qualitative Research Design - Helen Moewaka Barnes and Tim McCreanor
    • 14. Qualitative Research within a Postcolonial Indigenous Paradigm - Bagele Chilisa and Keneilwe Phatshwane
    • Part III Elements of Designing Qualitative Research
    • 15. Abduction as a Guiding Principle in Qualitative Research Design - Robert Thornberg
    • 16. Developing Research Questions: The Social Lives of Ideas, Interests and Questions - Tim Rapley
    • 17. Selecting a Sample - Michael Meyer and Wolfgang Mayrhofer
    • 18. Being Creative with Resources in Qualitative Research - Amarante Swift
    • 19. Role and Impact of CAQDAS Software for Designs in Qualitative Research - Susanne Friese
    • 20. Generalization as an Issue for Qualitative Research Design - Joseph A. Maxwell
    • 21. The Impact of Funding on Ways Qualitative Research Is Thought About and Designed - Julianne Cheek
    • 22. Ethical Entanglements: Conceptualizing ‘Research Purposes/Design in the Contemporary Political World’ - Gaile S. Cannella
    • 23. The Fallacy of Rigor: Examining Checklist Criteria as an Indicator of Quality - Janice M. Morse
    • Part IV Basic Designs and Research Strategies in Qualitative Research
    • 24. Designing Case Studies - Malcolm Tight
    • 25. Qualitative Longitudinal Design: Time, Change, Interpretive Practices - Karen Henwood and Fiona Shirani
    • 26. Qualitative Research Design across Different Cultural Communities - Carolin Demuth and Alessandra Fasulo
    • 27. Designing Grounded Theory Studies - Robert Thornberg and Elaine Keane
    • 28. Designing Ethnographies - Marie Buscatto
    • 29. Designing Research for Naturally Occurring Data - Jonathan Potter and Alexa Hepburn
    • 30. Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis - Elliott M. Hoey
    • 31. Arts-based Research in the Social Sciences - Briege Casey and Michael Murray
    • 32. Secondary Qualitative Data Analysis - Louise Corti
    • 33. Meta-analysis in Qualitative Research: A Descriptive-Interpretative Approach - Ladislav Timulak and Mary Creaner
    • Part V Mixing Methods in Designing Qualitative Research
    • 34. Pluralisms in Qualitative Research Design - Kerry Chamberlain
    • 35. Psychosocial Methodologies - David W. Jones
    • 36. Designing for Multimodal Data and Mixed Methods within a Qualitative Framework - Pat Bazeley
    • 37. Mixed Methods Research Designs in Qualitatively Driven Research - Sharlene Hesse-Biber
    • 38. The Power of Qualitative Research in Mixed Methods Research Designs - Julianne Cheek and Janice M. Morse
    • 39. Revitalising Triangulation for Designing Multi-perspective Qualitative Research - Uwe Flick
    • Volume 2 – Practices of Designing Qualitative Research: Data, Fields and Impact
    • Part VI Designing Qualitative Research for Specific Kinds of Data
    • 40. Designing Qualitative Research Using Interview Data - Kathryn Roulston and Sean N. Halpin
    • 41. Designing Focus Groups - Sabine Caillaud, Nikos Kalampalikis, and Marjolaine Doumergue
    • 42. Designing for Narratives and Stories - Asta Rau and Jan K. Coetzee
    • 43. Designing for Observation - David Wästerfors
    • 44. Designing Qualitative Research for Working with Visual Data: Insights from Psychology - Katherine Johnson and Paula Reavey
    • 45. Working with Video Data - Lorenza Mondada
    • 46. Designing for the Ethnographic Study of Documents - Katarina Jacobsson
    • 47. Designing Qualitative Research Using ‘Material Methods’: Researching with Objects/Things - Sophie Woodward
    • 48. A Language-first Approach to Health Research: Sociolinguistic Ethnography in Hospital Settings - Polina Mesinioti, Jo Angouri, and Chris Turner
    • Part VII Designing Qualitative Online and Multimodal Research
    • 49. Designing Qualitative Research Using Online Newspaper Comments - Joanne Meredith, Emma Richardson, Alexandra Kent, and Kirsty Budds
    • 50. Digital and Non-Digital: Researching Digital Practices as Trans-situated Activities in Everyday Later Life - Roser Beneito-Montagut
    • 51. Designing Qualitative Research for Working with Facebook Data - Uta Russmann
    • 52. A Facebook Discourse-oriented Ethnography of Greek Jewish Heritage - Salomi Boukala and Dimitris Serafis
    • 53. Designing Qualitative Discourse Analysis Research with Twitter - Samuel Bennett
    • 54. Designing Qualitative Research for Working with Blogs as Data - Elena Wilson and Nicole Johnson
    • 55. Designing Qualitative Research with Instagram - Kerry Chamberlain and Meghan Lynch
    • 56. Designing Qualitative Research for Working with Social Media ‘Big’ Datasets - Mike Thelwall
    • Part VIII Designing Qualitative Research for Specific Groups and Areas
    • 57. Designing Qualitative Research with the Elderly - Irina Catrinel Craˇciun
    • 58. Designing Qualitative Research with Children - Bronwyn Davies
    • 59. Physical Culture and Embodied Ethnography - Michael D. Giardina and Michele K. Donnelly
    • 60. Challenges in Designing Qualitative Research when Working with and for Hard-to-Reach Groups - Kerry Chamberlain and Darrin Hodgetts
    • 61. Intersecting Identities in Healthcare Research - Jo Angouri, Polina Mesinioti, Rumaisa Banatwalla and Georgios K. Dimitriadis
    • 62. Researching Institutions after the Discursive Turn - Amelie Kutter and Federico Masson
    • 63. Designing Qualitative Research for Studies in Asia: Decentering Research Practices for Local Norms of Relevance - John L. Adamson
    • 64. Designing Qualitative Research for Studies in Latin America - Nicolás Schöngut-Grollmus and María-Alejandra Energici
    • Part IX Designing Qualitative Research in Disciplinary Fields
    • 65. Designing Qualitative Research for Studies in Education - Massimiliano Tarozzi
    • 66. Designing Qualitative Social Work Research - Jane F. Gilgun
    • 67. Designing Qualitative Research in Psychology - Sarah Riley and Kerry Chamberlain
    • 68. Unpacking Nursing's Epistemological Foundations as a Basis for Applied Qualitative Design - Sally Thorne
    • 69. Designing Qualitative Research for Disability Rights Approaches - Kirsten Smiler, Hilary Stace and Martin Sullivan
    • Part X Designing Qualitative Research for Impact
    • 70. Impact-driven Qualitative Research and Evaluation - Michael Quinn Patton
    • 71. Reclaiming Qualitative Design for the Applied Disciplines - Sally Thorne
    • 72. Designing Qualitative and Mixed Methods Evaluations for Transformative Impact - Donna M. Mertens
    • 73. Designing Indigenous Qualitative Research for Policy Implementation - Fiona Cram
    • 74. Diversity, Ethics and Transparency as Continuing Challenges in Designing Qualitative Research - Uwe Flick