Health Reference Series: A Guide to Food Safety Sourcebook

Editor: Chambers, James
Publication Year: 2022
Publisher: Omnigraphics, Inc.

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ISBN: 978-0-7808-2038-8
Category: Food, Drink, Nutrition
Image Count: 10
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

A Guide to Food Safety Sourcebook, First Edition provides information on global food safety issues, antimicrobial use, food contamination, and protecting the food supply chain from intentional adulteration, among other topics.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Part 1. Keeping Food Safe: From Farm to Table
  • Chapter 1—Food Safety, a Global Problem
  • Chapter 2—How Food Gets Contaminated
  • Chapter 3—Current and Future Challenges in Food Safety
  • Chapter 4—Impact of Antimicrobial Use in Our Food Systems
  • Chapter 5—Organic Foods: Are They Safer?
  • Chapter 6—Genetically Modified Food and Controversies
  • Chapter 7—Protecting Food Supply Chain from Intentional Adulteration
  • Chapter 8—U.S. Food Safety Monitoring and Surveillance Systems
  • Chapter 9—New Era of Smarter Food Safety
  • Part 2. Common Foodborne Pathogens and Illnesses
  • Chapter 10—Common Foodborne Bacterial and Viral Infections
  • Chapter 11—Other Foodborne Parasitic Illnesses
  • Chapter 12—People at Risk for Foodborne Illness
  • Chapter 13—General Principles of Diagnosing and Treating Foodborne Illnesses
  • Chapter 14—Investigating a Foodborne Outbreak
  • Chapter 15—Burden of Foodborne Illnesses and Outbreaks
  • Part 3. An Overview of Toxins in Food
  • Chapter 16—Natural Toxins in Food
  • Chapter 17—Mycotoxins in Food and Feed
  • Chapter 18—Dangerous Levels of Heavy Metals in Food
  • Chapter 19—Chemicals in Our Food System
  • Chapter 20—How Safe Are Food Additives?
  • Chapter 21—Health Controversies over Artificial Sweeteners
  • Part 4. Safe Drinking Water
  • Chapter 22—Water-Related Diseases and Contaminants in Public Water Systems
  • Chapter 23—A Guide to Commercially Bottled Water and Other Beverages
  • Chapter 24—Water Treatment Options When Hiking, Camping, or Traveling
  • Chapter 25—Safety of Water Used in Food Production
  • Chapter 26—Making Water Safe in an Emergency
  • Part 5. Home Food Safety and Consumer Responsibility
  • Chapter 27—Basic Food Safety in the Kitchen
  • Chapter 28—Cooking and Storing Food at the Right Temperature
  • Chapter 29—How to Cut Food Waste and Maintain Food Safety
  • Chapter 30—Allergies, Intolerance, and Food Safety
  • Chapter 31—What Date Labels on Packaged Food Actually Mean
  • Chapter 32—Are Dietary Supplements Safe?
  • Chapter 33—Infant Formula: Regulatory Issues and Recalls
  • Chapter 34—Food Recalls and Alerts
  • Chapter 35—Food Safety by Events and Seasons
  • Chapter 36—Food Safety in a Disaster or Emergency
  • Chapter 37—Food Poisoning While Eating Out: Safety Tips
  • Chapter 38—Keeping Bag Lunches for School and Work Safe
  • Chapter 39—Food Delivery Safety
  • Part 6. Additional Help and Information
  • Chapter 40—Glossary of Terms Related to Food Safety
  • Chapter 41—Directory of Organizations That Provide Information about Food Safety