Health Reference Series: HIV and AIDS Sourcebook

Editor: Hayes, Kevin
Publication Year: 2022
Publisher: Omnigraphics, Inc.

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ISBN: 978-1-80316-149-5
Category: Health & Medicine - Health
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Table of Contents

HIV and AIDS Sourcebook, Eighth Edition provides basic consumer information about HIV and AIDS, including information about the stages and types of the disease and about how it is transmitted.

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Table of Contents

    • Preface
    • Part 1. Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome: An Overview
    • Chapter 1—Origin of HIV and AIDS
    • Chapter 2—HIV Stages and Types
    • Chapter 3—Symptoms of HIV
    • Chapter 4—How HIV Causes AIDS
    • Chapter 5—HIV/AIDS: A Statistical Overview
    • Chapter 6—Impact of HIV on Racial and Ethnic Minorities in the United States
    • Chapter 7—HIV/AIDS among Specific Populations
    • Part 2. HIV/AIDS Transmission, Risk Factors, and Prevention
    • Chapter 8—HIV Transmission: Questions and Answers
    • Chapter 9—Risky Behaviors and HIV
    • Chapter 10—HIV Risk in the Healthcare Setting
    • Chapter 11—HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategies
    • Chapter 12—HIV/AIDS Prevention
    • Chapter 13—Preventing Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV
    • Chapter 14—HIV Vaccines and Microbicides
    • Chapter 15—HIV Prophylaxis
    • Part 3. Receiving an HIV/AIDS Diagnosis
    • Chapter 16—HIV Testing
    • Chapter 17—Types of HIV Diagnostic Tests
    • Chapter 18—Understanding Your Test Results
    • Chapter 19—You and Your HIV/AIDS Healthcare Provider: First Steps
    • Chapter 20—Laboratory Tests after an HIV Diagnosis
    • Part 4. Treatments and Therapies for HIV/AIDS
    • Chapter 21—Treatment Overview
    • Chapter 22—Decision Making: To Start Therapy or Not
    • Chapter 23—How to Find HIV Treatment Services
    • Chapter 24—Antiretroviral Treatment
    • Chapter 25—HIV/AIDS Treatment Adherence
    • Chapter 26—Treatment Recommendations for Pediatric HIV Infection
    • Chapter 27—HIV and AIDS Treatment for Pregnant Women
    • Chapter 28—HIV/AIDS Treatment Interruptions
    • Chapter 29—HIV/AIDS Treatment Side Effects
    • Chapter 30—Other HIV/AIDS Treatment Complications
    • Chapter 31—Alternative (Complementary) Therapies for HIV/AIDS
    • Chapter 32—Medical Marijuana for HIV/AIDS
    • Chapter 33—HIV/AIDS Treatments in Development
    • Chapter 34—Investigational HIV Drug and Its Role in HIV Treatment
    • Chapter 35—HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials and Research
    • Chapter 36—Paying for HIV Care and Treatment
    • Part 5. Common Co-occurring Infections and Complications of HIV/AIDS
    • Chapter 37—Opportunistic Infections and Their Relationship to HIV/AIDS
    • Chapter 38—Preventing Opportunistic Infections
    • Chapter 39—HIV/AIDS and Co-occurring Bacterial Infections
    • Chapter 40—HIV/AIDS and Co-occurring Fungal Infections
    • Chapter 41—HIV/AIDS and Co-occurring Parasitic Infections
    • Chapter 42—HIV/AIDS and Co-occurring Viral Infections
    • Chapter 43—HIV/AIDS and Co-occurring Cancers
    • Chapter 44—Other AIDS-Related Health Concerns
    • Part 6. Living with HIV Infection
    • Chapter 45—Coping with an HIV/AIDS Diagnosis
    • Chapter 46—Staying Healthy When You Have HIV/AIDS
    • Chapter 47—Life Issues When You Have HIV/AIDS
    • Chapter 48—HIV/AIDS Status Disclosure
    • Chapter 49—HIV/AIDS Patients and Legal Rights
    • Chapter 50—Public Benefits and Housing Options for Persons with HIV
    • Chapter 51—Caring for Someone with HIV/AIDS
    • Chapter 52—Coronavirus (COVID-19) and People with HIV
    • Part 7. Additional Help and Information
    • Chapter 53—Glossary of HIV/AIDS-Related Terms
    • Chapter 54—Directory of Organizations for People with HIV/AIDS and Their Families and Friends